Sleek Indian restaurants in Bangkok


Once upon a time not so long ago there were few Indian restaurants in town offering unique Indian cuisine, fast forward 6,7 years, we have a complete new array of Indian restaurants offering a fusion of classic with modern North and South to Tibetan / Nepali dishes.

Charcoal Tandoor

charcoal bkk tandoor grill charcoal bkk

A combination of old royal mughal recipes served in the most vibrant, thoughtful and modern style. Traditional cooking in tandoor (clay oven) is the secret to aroma and the spices. Try their seek kebab, lamb chops or daal (Lentils) they also taste the same “delicious”.

Every Wednesday is the Ladies Night. Come in a group of 4 and receive a bottle of Martini Prosseco.

Facebook: charcoalbkk
Tel: +66 89 307 1111
Address: Sukhumvit 11 Road, Fraser Suites, 5th floor

Punjab Grill

punjab grill bangkok avacado papdi chat punjab grill bangkok

Situated within the popular Radisson Suites in Soi 13 Sukhumvit, this is no ordinary Indian restaurant. The restaurant menu highlights dishes like Avacado Papdi chat an appetizer served in a flour cone filled with Avacado Guacamole, marinated cheese and marinated cherry tomato topping.

Other unique dishes to try are Tandoor Pineapple which is marinated Pineapple marinated in tamarind chutney served with saffron and fennel sorbet.

Tel: +66 (0) 2 645 4952
Address: Punjab Grill Bangkok (within Radisson Suites Bangkok Sukhumvit Soi 11)

Twisted Tandoor by India Today

fresh seafood at twisted food by india today

Unique in its own way the restaurant produces dishes out of the box. Try their seafood dishes, grilled lamb or curries Twisted Tandoor knows how to please their customers.

Facebook: twistedtandoor
Tel: +66 26 530 780
Address: Corner of Soi 8

Dosa King

dosa in bangkokdosa king indian restaurant bangkok

Dosa King is a 100% pure Indian restaurant serving North and South Indian curries. Try their specialty Dosa (pancake made from fermented batter filled with potato, cottage cheese or vegetables) that comes with coconut chutney.

Also, served are fresh fruit juices or lime soda.

FB: dosaking
Tel: +66 80 545 1111
Address: Sukhumvit soi 11/1, express entrance from Soi 11 (Next to 7 eleven)


Located in soi 3/1 about (20 meters down the soi), this restaurant serves the softest Nan bread in town. Try their mutton, beef or cottage cheese with Nan breads that are freshly made in Tandoor (clay oven).

Facebook: Alhussain

Tibet Kitchen

momo at tibet kitchen bangkok momo in soup

One of the first restaurants to serve Tibetan food in Bangkok, this awesome restaurant is humble with a cheery ambiance. Also served here is fusion style Indian-Chinese food.

Tibetan food is known for its goat, mutton and chicken dumplings. Try their noodles, soups, chowmien and stir-fried cabbage.

FB: TKbkk
Tel: +66 95 519 0532
Address: Sukhumvit soi 23



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