Bangkokians to decide the fate of BRT


Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) will let commuters decide whether the BRT service should be terminated or not.

BRT has been running under an annual loss of 200 million baht since its opening and is planned to terminate its service this April. Since, its opening in 2010 BRT has caused traffic jams in its 16 km route from Sathorn to Ratchapruek.

BRT is planned to shut down in April and lanes will be once again free for cars to be used.

BRT was the idea of former governor Apirak Kosayodhin in 2004 during his election campaign and due to project delays it was finally opened for public use in May, 2010.

BRT was intended to feed commuters to the sky train thereby reducing the traffic however, that did not happen. It was rather popular among students and elder people who are eligible for discounted fare.

Adding insult to the injury former Governor Sukhumbhand Paribatra halved the price during his second election campaign which caused further deficit.


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