Eat Like a Thai: Must-Try Street Food in Chinatown


Yaowarat, or Bangkok’s Chinatown, is one of the most vibrant neighborhood at night. The street is lined with endless food vendors and local restaurants that have been around for decades. The infinite choices can seem overwhelming, but worry not! Check below to see some of the locals’ top picks of must-try street food in Yaowarat to get you started!

”Aroi ded” Toast in Yaowarat

yaowarat toastyaowarat toast2

Although considered breakfast food in Western countries, toast is a popular snack in Thailand. Full name “Kanom-Pang-Jao-Aroi-Ded Yaowarat” literally translates to the most delicious toast in Yaowarat, this vendor is not to be missed. Toasts will be made to order; crispy, soft, or in-between with crispy exterior and soft interior. Customers can also choose their own toppings with choices ranging from butter and condensed milk to Pandan custard.

Saveuy Chinese Donuts (Pa Tong Go Saveuy)

pa tong ko2pa tong ko

Although deep fried Chinese donut is a common street food in Thailand, the vendor on Yaowarat street is quite like no other. The oil for frying is high-quality and clean. The owner claims to always use new oil every morning, as opposed to many other vendors who reuse theirs. This vendor is especially busy in the morning, as customers stop by for the crispy yet firm Chinese donuts. It opens twice a day, from 5am to 11am and again from 4pm until 11pm.

J’Toy’s Rice Noodle Dumplings

j toy yaowarat2j toy yaowarat

Thai name is Kuay Tiew Lod Kui Chay Jae Toy. Kuay Tiew Lod is Chinese in its origin. Rice noodle wraps around various stuffings such as cabbage, mushroom, or chives. This particular spot is a vendor with no seatings in front of another Chinese diner. Highlights here include homemade secret recipe sauce and heavy stuffings. Their speciality is chives-stuffed Kuay Tiew Lod.

Lod Chong Singapore

lod chong singaporelod chong singapore2

Although the Singaporean dessert is popular in Thailand, the Yaowarat spot on Chareon Krung Rd. is the first to offer this menu. They first opened doors 60 years ago under the name Singapore Po-Cha-Na, named after a famous Singaporean movie theater that used to be on the same street. The Lod Chong is here is extremely refreshing, making it perfect all year round for Thailand’s tropical weather.

Ratchawong Fish Porridge

fish porridge yaowaratfish porridge

Kaotom, or boiled rice, is the most common comfort food in Thailand. Kaotom Pla (fish) Ratchawong is a mix between street vendor and restaurant, with both outdoors seating on the sidewalk and air-conditioned room. Since they aren’t exactly a street vendor, they can open on Mondays so feel free to head over here on Mondays to avoid the usual crowds.

Kra Por Pla Lerdrod

fish maw soup2fish maw soup

Kra Por Pla, or fish maw soup, is a popular Chinese dish. Prices vary depending on quality of fish maw , and the the herbs for the soup base. This spot in Chinatown, however, brings the best of both worlds: affordable and high-quality. They go all out on quality of herbs and fish maw, making every bite a refreshing experience.

***According to the law, all street vendors must be closed on Mondays for street cleaning


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