How Not to Meet Women in Thailand


If you are looking for a meaningful relationship with a kind lady, with inner beauty as well as outer beauty, you just struck gold as you are reading the right article. Here is a blueprint to finding your soulmate in Bangkok with no-nonsense hard-hitting advice.

Obviously, avoid places beginning with ‘P’ which are tourist areas, such as Pattaya, Patpong or Phuket when looking for a lifetime partner. Instead talk to women at your local sports centre, or even a nurse at your local hospital, where you can meet women improving themselves, or pursuing a career. Whatever you do, do not meet women through online dating agencies as there are many ‘ladies of the night’ waiting to trap you. There are genuine women in online dating circles but there are also many sharks, and you won’t know who is who.

In pointing you in the right direction, here is a list of things to avoid when dating Thai women.

Things to Avoid
  1. Leaving a toothbrush at your apartment or home after you meet up with them for the first time is a bad sign. In red light districts this is a well known trick, as ladies of the night can buy a batch of toothbrushes to leave in bathrooms, with the unaware male ringing her up the next day and saying “You left your toothbrush in my bathroom.” Which inevitably leads to the woman coming around again to further cement that emotional bond (from you only)  that she’s looking for.
  2. Sudden emergencies, if they crop up regularly are a bad sign. This will usually involve the woman ringing you up out of the blue and saying something like “Darling, I have problem.” Which could be any number of things, but usually results in her taking off unexpectedly to another province and you having to send money. Every now and then is natural, but if it happens regularly you could be being fleeced.
  3. The brother, if he tags along with you both regularly or is always with your partner could be a bad sign. There have been countless stories of men finding out that the ‘brother’ or male ‘cousin’ was actually her husband,  impossible as it may sound.
  4. Not being cooperative about helping you speak better Thai, and always insisting on speaking English could be a negative sign. This usually indicates that she wants to control you by having you ‘not know too much’ so you have to rely on her to communicate. A genuine woman will unthinkingly want to help you learn Thai and in return learn English from you – 50/50.
  5. Hovering around you on pay day is a bad sign, she may even take a special trip to ‘surprise’ you on the day you get paid with a ‘sweet as pie’ visit. Do not fall for it as normal women in Thailand are not needy like this and you will be able to save money for rainy days together easily with a decent woman.
  6. Taking control of your finances is a big no, no. If she is constantly vying to take total control of your spending and is trying to put you on a daily 100 baht per day spending limit or whatnot, you are being taken for a ride. Of course, the people already in this trap will tell you “Yeah, but it’s Thai culture” or “She takes care of the finances, I don’t have to worry”, which is nonsense. If you observe any savvy Thai businessman, you’ll see that he takes full control of his finances.
  7. Constant arguments and problems at the end of the month, a week or two before payday is often a sign that she is becoming bored because the flow of money has stopped running in her direction. A genuine Thai lady will budget with you and plan for the future.
  8. Ringing your phone so it rings twice, then hanging up is a very bad sign. Ladies of the night often do this to save money on their phone bill. If your girlfriend does this just a few times and tells you that her credit is low then okay, but if she does this regularly and unashamedly then get a new partner who isn’t a cheapskate.

Above are some telltale signs that you are meeting the wrong type of woman. If there were only one or two points above that raised a red warning flag, you may be okay; however, if there were four or more points that rang true for you above then it’s time to bail and find a decent woman. Finally, use your head, look for the same traits as you would look for in a woman from your own country. There are millions of really decent women in Thailand that get overlooked as you have to work to find them. Being approached in a tourist area by someone wanting to bag a rich foreigner is a one-way ticket to miseryville, so get out there and search for decent women and approach them, then build trust and a relationship slowly, over time.


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