Thai-Buzz: “Farang Culture” that Thais Cannot Accept


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Article: Thai expats, which of the Farang Culture that you absolutely cannot accept?


OP: Pick one thing that you absolutely cannot understand. If there’s more than one then pick one. For me, wearing shoes inside the house. Absolutely cannot accept it. It’s a culture I try to understand, but it’s really difficult to.


1. [+154] No bidet to clean butt


2. [+108] Not that I cannot accept, but it’s something I dislike and annoyed of. They think I’m weird just because I’m still a virgin. Even though I’ve been living abroad for years, this is something I want to keep… When others find out they’re so interested and the guys have perverted questions like:

“If you never had sex how can you know if you are gay or straight” – Ok, this I can accept.
“Sex is important for your body” – Well, I lived without it for 20+ years and I’m not dead.
“Why not try lesbian sex? It doesn’t count as losing virginity” – You don’t count, but I do.
“What do you do when you are horny?” – Nothing, just don’t think about it.
“Do you help yourself?” – No, I don’t know how to.
“What about doing anal instead?” – …No, darn it.
“What about oral?” – …Go away
“Do you want me to try using my fingers for you?” – Fuck you.

Usually I respond “I respect your right to have as much as you want, just please respect my right to not have sex. Thank you.”


3. [+45] I’ve never lived abroad, but I spend time with people who do and come back. What I really cannot accept is how these people look down on people who didn’t attend school abroad. It’s true that going there opens your perspective of the world etc. but it doesn’t mean that people in Thailand didn’t develop anything at all in the same time period. Thai people here do as much as they can with what they have too, it doesn’t mean they’re stupid.


4. [+24] From reading other comments, I haven’t seen anything that is considered an unacceptable culture.

Someone mentioned not rinsing after dish soap… the Farang community I’m in use dishwasher
Farangs don’t like washing? I don’t know about other houses, but mine wash even more often than I do. Furthermore, Farangs like to workout and I see them washing every time after they do. They’re both clean and dirty Farangs. How is that a culture..? Just because of some inappropriate behaviors of some don’t mean that all of them are like that.

‘Culture’ means order and norm that are accepted and passed down from generations. Huh, did I misunderstand something?

Personally, a foreign culture I cannot understand is how Middle Eastern women need to propose to men. None for Western Farangs.


5. [+41] Doing dishes without rinsing off the soap. Some have dishwashers, but I don’t know how it works. But the house that hand wash dishes…their steps are:

  1. Use brush to get rid of food leftovers
  2. Rinse with hot water
  3. Fill sink with hot water and put a few drops of dish soap
  4. Put in dishes and use scrub with brush
  5. Wipe and put away dishes

Umm….between 4 and 5 …..aren’t you gonna rinse off the soap -_-


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