Weekday Getaway: Chatuchak Plant & Flower Market


Most people are probably acquainted with Chatuchak (JJ) weekend market where you can find varieties of clothes, souvenirs, snacks, and everything you can think of. Back in the days, the market used to be divided into different zones including one that is exclusive to plants and flowers. Although you might still be able to find some plant stalls on weekends, it is nothing compared to the selections available at the Plant Market on Wednesday – Thursday.

Garden Lovers’ Dream

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Chatuchak Plant Market offers everything gardening-related ranging from small decorative cacti to gardening equipments at a bargain price. Most vendors are farm owners and gardeners themselves, so the price is guaranteed to be reasonable. As opposed to weekend markets, the trees are placed on the side of the street instead of indoors. Vendors start at Door 3 (Phahonyothin Rd.) and stretches all the way to Government Savings Bank inside the market. There are all kinds of plants and flowers including orchids, cacti, ferns, lotuses, to name a few. Chatuchak Plant Market is considered the biggest of its kind in Bangkok.

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When should I visit?

The market officially opens on Wednesday and Thursday. However, vendors usually start setting up late Tuesday evening, so there are some who visit Tuesday night from 8 – 11 pm for the freshest selections. Keep in mind that since it is outdoors, it can be dark and inconvenient to visit at night.

  • Wednesdays: Beginning at 7am, more vendors arrive to set up their lot. Although the weather is nice since it’s not too hot yet, there are usually a lot of cars parked in the middle of the street dropping off plants etc. so it’s a bit inconvenient to walk around. The vendors are usually all set up by afternoon, making it the best time to walk around. Shops usually start clearing out around 5 pm.
  • Thursdays: Market opens later on Thursdays. Visitors are welcomed to walk around all day although selections are sparse by afternoon. However, vendors are usually more willing to give discount and bargain by this time. They usually start closing around 4 pm.
chatuchak market11Chatuchak Market
Getting there
  • Cars: Street parking available around Chatuchak park. Arrive before 8am for free parking inside the park. You can also park at BTS Chatuchak parking lot or JJ mall and walk.
  • BTS: MoChit BTS station. MRT Chatuchak or KampaengPhet Exit 3
  • Bus: Route# 3, 26, 27, 29, 34, 59, 77, 96, 112, 134, 136, 138, 145, 502, 503, 510, 512, 513


  1. Is there any van delivery available there or other options to get plants home, in Bangkok? If one doesn’t have a car, how can one get the plants home if they won’t fit in a normal taxi?


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