Cops charged with assault and extortion of Russian couple


Five cops were charged of extortion and assault of Russian couple in Koh Phangan. The couple were forged to possess drugs by the cops.

The couple after returning from a late night party at Rin beach were approached by two men who offered them drugs to which they refused. The men later offered them a taxi ride back to their place which they accepted.

While they were about to sit on the taxi three more men emerged claiming to be police officers. They were later on handcuffed and charged with possession of drugs.

The men later demanded for money in exchange for dropping drug charges.

One of the men punched her, took her iPhone and other valuables worth 30,000 THB when they found out she had no money with her. The couple were left alone on Ban Thong Nang road in tambon Ban Thai according to Bangkok Post. They took help from the locals who took them to the nearest police station.

After initial investigation it was found the five men involved were Pol Snr Sgt Maj Suriyan Ranjuan, 50, of Koh Phangan police station, Mr. Thanin, Mr. Apidet, Mr. Thaweesin and Mr. Suriya.

The police will take strong action towards anyone found guilty.


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