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For most expats once the excitement of the move to a foreign country has subsided, they face a new challenge; settling in.  This can be a very difficult step as everything in your new life is unfamiliar.  One good way of settling into life in a foreign country is to locate the nearest supermarkets and find out where you can buy products that you are familiar with.  While most household products will be similar to those in your home country, other items such as health and beauty products can be a bit more difficult to come by depending on your new location.  In a city as large Bangkok, it is possible to find many imported products that you are familiar with however it is not uncommon for those products to be double or triple the price that you would usually pay for them.

ricola event thailandricola event thailand

In recent years though, it seems that more and more companies are recognizing the demand for their products in foreign markets like Thailand.

One such company is Ricola, Ltd.  Ricola’s headquarters in Laufin Switzerland now exports to more than 50 countries worldwide, including Thailand.

To a culture shocked and homesick expat finding something as simple as a familiar cough drop that doesn’t cost a small fortune can be a very comforting experience and can also go along way in assisting in the settling in process.

Especially when that cough drop is produced by a Brand such as Ricola that is so well known worldwide for it’s quality products.  All of their products include natural herbal ingredients exclusively cultivated on Swiss soil without the use of pesticides, insecticides, or herbicides.

ricola's product

Ricola Thailand recently hosted an event at the beautiful Hotel Muse, in Lang Suan, Lumpini, Bangkok.  Where they showcased many of their familiar favorite products as well as some of their new products and flavors.  Attendees of the event were not disappointed.  They were treated to some amazing food and fun.  This being the cold and flu season in Thailand they will all surely make good use of and be very grateful for all the excellent product samples they were given.   However, if you were unable to attend this wonderful event, do not worry.  For more information, visit Ricola’s Thai website or buy a product in a 7-Eleven, Tesco or Family Mart.

A highlight of the evening was a cocktail created by melting Ricola drops and adding them to the mix.  Proving that Ricola is not only a treat for the throat, but for the taste buds as well.


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