Foreign Media Apolgizes for Calling Hmong Girls “Adorable Thieves”

apology letter sent by foreign media for calling adorable thieves to Hmong girls

Daily Mail Australia and Sun in Britain have sent letters of apology to the allegations labelled against two cute girls from Dok Pui.

foreign media apologizes to Hmong girls

The allegation was based on a photo on a popular social networking forum that showed the two cute sisters in a picture wearing Hmong dress. The girl on the right appears to be touching the woman tourist watch.

The caption of the image read “Girlfriend in the progress of having her watch stolen”.

Dokmai and Goalhee used to go to Doi Suthep every day after school and take pictures with tourists.¬†However, after the allegation by the media as “Adorable Thieves” they were not allowed to enter the premises.¬†The family were affected and saddened by the news run by the foreign media therefore not allowed to enter Doi Suthep.

The stories were picked up by international media and became a sensation accusing the girls of stealing the watch as the girl on the right appears to be touching the woman tourist watch.

A police investigation against the case by Thai police cleared the accusation as the woman tourist last October announced she had later found the watch elsewhere.

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