All Passengers in cars and four wheelers to wear seat belt


All passengers are required to wear seat belts to ensure passengers safety in Thailand.

A major update to the section 123, 55 and 141 of Land Traffic Act required all passengers to wear seat belts, empower traffic law officials to issue ticket for violating traffic laws and also remove a vehicle parked in the violation of The Land Traffic Act.

Section 55 was amended to empower traffic officials to remove a vehicle parked in violation of The Land Traffic Act. The driver or the owner will be required to pay while the car is in care of the traffic police or other expense.

Section 123 was amended to ensure safety of all passengers by wearing seat belt. Thailand is one of the top country’s in road fatality. Although the government has taken drastic measures to improve the conditions the fatalities has not gone down.

Section 141 authorizes traffic police officials to notify driver or owner who has been issued a ticket for violating to pay within the first 15 days.

If the driver or owner does not pay the fine within the 15 days, the traffic police must send a notification letter to pay within the next 30 days.

If the driver or owner fails to do so, then vehicle’s annual registration will not be extended.

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