Thai-Buzz: BTS/MRT Station Names Don’t Make Sense?


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Article: Why are our BTS/MRT station names often not correlate with what most people call those areas?


OP: I think that people new to BTS/MRT must surely be confused. What do you guys think?


1. [+33] Yeah, why don’t MRT and BTS use the same name at the same location. It’s the most idiotic organization in the nation.


2. [+17] Mochit – Chatuchak. Sala Daeng – Silom. Sukhumvit – Asoke.
Even the same stations have different names. Maybe not as much for Thais, but Farangs must be confused…..


3. [+28] This is Thailand, the kingdom that doesn’t need any kind of reasons.


4. [+8] They have their own naming policies. But BTS and MRT use different policies. 10 years later they just realized that they should have used the same policy. MRT is named after the street names, while BTS is named after the district names.


5. Not just foreigners. Even Thais ourselves are confused. Sometimes getting off at MRT Asoke instead of MRT Sukhumvit.


6. [+5] Was going to Central Ladprao with confidence, got off at MRT Ladprao. BUT WHERE IS CENTRAL!! Have to waste money to go to Phahon again -_- Not sure if I should blame Central for not naming after the station or blame MRT for naming the station without regarding the landmark. But probably just blame myself for not asking the staff before buying -_-


7. BTS Mochit should change to BTS Chatuchak to be like MRT. My friends not from Bangkok always get lost.


8. I think so too. Firstly, why don’t you agree properly whether what to call it. Why? Just because they’re different companies, they must go so far to name it differently? That’s too much. Please consider citizens who use your service. The city of Bangkok is too much; At any rate they’re a government organization, they should have a meeting to make MOU. They have legal power, but won’t use it. Ridiculous.


9. [+1] Singapore changed the name of their temples, streets, districts to match each other. Think about it. Meanwhile in Thailand, Hua Lumpong Temple is in Sam Yan and not Hua Lumpong.

9-1: Their map looks sooo easy. *pic of Singaporean subway map*
9-2: Seeing their metro map..Thailand should improve and develop. Confused af.


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