Thai-Buzz: Why don’t Farangs update their FB status or post photos?


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Article: Why do foreigners rarely update their Facebook status or post photos?


OP: Most foreigners I see only post once a month, or twice in three months which is very little. I have some foreign Facebook friends from many different countries like Japan, Korea, Germany, England, France, US, Italy.

These people barely post on their wall, maybe sharing posts once in a while. But posting photos of their outings or food photos is very rare. So different from Thai people who tend to post almost all the time. Is it that our country is the only one that posts often on Facebook?

Even my friend’s wedding in Europe, they only post one or two photos. It’s like we don’t really know that much about their personal lifestyle. So different from Thais, no matter if you’re 18, 25, or 35 we are always on Facebook. I mean foreigners are on Facebook too, but they don’t post anything so I’m really confused.

Are you foreign friends like this too??


1. [+46] Hmm, why do my foreign friends post all the time…. I added a bunch of random people when I played online games, so I have so many foreign friends on Facebook. Actually, if you don’t see foreigners posting often, it really just depends on who you’re friends with. Foreigners’ social networks differ for each country. Americans like twitter and snapchat, but barely Instagram or Facebook. I have friends of all ages from young to old. Young foreigners like to post blurry pictures looking intimate with their bf/gf. Working age likes to post political-related things, while older generations post family photos. Especially now after the election, there are so many political posts which show that they have such wide varieties of political opinions and are very outspoken about them.

p.s. so many comments saying foreigners don’t like to brag… honestly there are so many foreigners that like to brag on Instagram. And they brag without caring about the criticisms. They more you criticize, the more they seem to brag. Foreigners are just like Thais. If you have 4000 foreigner friends, you’ll realize it’s very diverse.


2. [+49] They have brains just like us, except they use it differently. Jk jk jk jk jk
Our people like to brag and show off. And mess with other people’s business.


3. [+15] Just follow a farang’s Instagram, and you’ll know. Each one of them acts as if they’re a celebrity. Bragging about their wealth even more than Thai people do. Not better than Thais at all. Some people here criticize Thailand but are so narrow-minded. Do you not know WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter? You want to be Farang so much that you put down people in your own country tsk tsk


4. [+27] So what if Farang don’t like bragging, or post rarely? Do we need to feel thankful for that? You are welcomed to praise them all you want. Do you not have thoughts of your own? Always need to follow foreigners.

So what if some Thais like to brag or post often? Is it any of your business? And you use Farangs to compare to mistakenly make yourself look better.

p.s. Farangs don’t brag? Not materialistic? What kind of Farangs do you know. Open your eyes. Super cars, diamonds, jewelries, chandeliers, expensive collectibles; biggest customers are Americans and Europeans. They always brag. Have you ever experience rich Farangs?


5. [+10] I don’t know why. But from what I see, maybe putting down fellow Thais make you feel good even if the question isn’t valid.


6. [+25] I don’t really like posting on Facebook either, and unfollow almost all my Thai friends. Don’t like sharing my personal business with the world, and I don’t like reading non-sense like bragging posts, politics, food photos, arguments etc. I use Facebook to follow world news and to message others. I also don’t like Facebook privacy policies.


7. [+23] Thai people like to brag. Children, kids, house, money, food, vacations; all bragging. Farangs don’t really care about these stuff and they don’t care about others’ lives. When I’m going to post something, I feel embarrassed towards my foreign friends.

7-1: Right, I’m embarrassed too 555 Our society is so pretentious
7-2: Farang guys really don’t post much, but some women do. Probably depends.


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