Tinder Scams – Men posed as Thai Airways Air Hostess lures matches to send cash


While Tinder has matched more than 10 billion people and made a completely new dating scene, two men in Thailand posing as Thai Airways air hostess are luring men to send them cash.

The Crime Suppression Division (CSD) is investigating on a complaint by two Thai Airways air hostess who claimed their pictures are being used online on the popular dating App as a bait to swindle money from at least 30 men according to Bangkok Post.

According to Bangkok Post, a man filed a complaint in Bang Yi Khan police station last month for sending 15,000 baht to one of the girls who claims to be an Air hostess with Thai Airways.

The man reported that he did not suspect anything strange as the lady kept on updating him by sending pictures of work and travel. The man assumed they are in a relationship and sent her sent her 15,000 baht as she lost her credit card.

The girl refused to meet in person after receiving the money and finally stopped chatting.

Earlier, two air hostess from THAI filed a complaint with CSD claiming their pictures are being used online to lure men to pay.

One of the air hostess is also charged of fraud by the men claiming to have send the money to her.

The police has launched an investigation into the case and found that men were tricked to pay millions of baht between 2014 and last year.

According to Bangkok Post, police have narrowed down their search to just two men who are believed to be living in suburbs of Bangkok. One of the men is wanted under arrest for 9 frauds.

Bangkok Post


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