Treat Yourself: Adventures in Chiangmai


Chiangmai is a popular holiday destination of both foreigners and Thais alike. It is arguably one of the most urban cities in Thailand after Bangkok. Chiangmai’s charm, however, lies in the perfect balance between the convenience of big cities and of nature left untouched. Rows of buildings are accompanied by views of mountains in the background. Since a long holiday is coming up, we would like to introduce you to new adventures in Chiangmai to help you plan your getaway!

Gym Bangarang

gym bangaranggym bangarang3

Gym Bangarang is perfect for those looking for an alternative holiday. The holiday package is an all inclusive fitness/weight loss bootcamps and Muay Thai classes that will transform you into a fitter, healthier person. The New Year Resolution you made in January can finally be fulfilled this holiday when you visit Gym Bangarang. If you are worried about missing out on Chiangmai’s beautiful nature while attending bootcamp, worry not as the gym is located in the suburban neighborhood of Maerim, surrounded by horizons of rice paddies. Check out their Facebook page for more information!

gym bangarang2gym bangarang4

Grand Canyon Thailand

grand canyon cmgrand canyon cm2

Named after Grand Canyon in the US, the attraction resembles the world famous landmark. Back in the days, locals use to dig up sand for commercial use (construction) leaving a giant canyon-like areas. Contrary to the one in the US, however, the canyon in Chiangmai has a body of water in between the canyons. Before it became popular, many local adventurers would come here for cliff diving. Due to many accidents in the past, however, the government decided to develop and transform the area into a water park with security staffs and other facilities to accommodate visitors.

Flight of the Gibbon

flight gibbon cm2flight gibbon cm

Flight of the Gibbon is one of the first Ziplines built in Thailand. With several locations in Thailand, the experience will undoubtedly fulfill your adrenaline needs. The Chiangmai branch, however, offers an unique adventure like no other, as it’s the only location within Thailand’s only rainforest. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to spot wild gibbons while on your trip! All staffs are trained professionals, so safety concerns are not an issue here!

X-Centre Chiangmai

x centre2x centre

A one-stop for all extreme sports lovers! X-Centre Chiangmai offers varieties of activities including Bungee Jumping, Drifter Karts, Zorb balls, Off-Road Buggies/ATVs, and more. All facilities are world-standard, and are supervised by qualified staffs so be assured that you will have a great time without worrying about your safety. They even offer free hotel pick-up and drop-off as well. Check out their Website for more information!

Siam River Adventures


Whitewater rafting is definitely one of the most popular activities in Chiangmai. The experience of flowing down a river surrounded by mountains and forests on both sides is unforgettable. Head over to Siam River Adventures to plan your next rafting adventure. They offer custom trips to suit your needs, whether you are looking for a family vacation or a couple holiday. Add-on packages such as trekking excursions or jungle hop stays are also available. Go to Siamrivers for more information.


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