What is the most cost-effective way to send money out of Thailand?


Looking to avoid massive bank fee to transfer money out of Thailand. Starting with the best way to the least Bangkok Expat Life has researched and would recommend the following methods.


send money outside thailand with Bitcoin

Bitcoin popularity is definitely hitting the expats living abroad and Bangkok is no different. The transfer rates are cheapest and the transfer is done within a day or two.

If you are new to bitcoin then setting up an account is the right way to kick off things and then transferring Thai Baht to Bitcoins and finally to whatever currency you want. It is advisable to follow bitcoin news so that the value doesn’t drop drastically in a matter of days which could result in some loss.

By transferring money via bitcoin means you are exchanging Thai Baht to Bitcoin and then to the currency of your choice.

International Transfer via SCB Bank

SCB Bank charges only $10-$20 for $5,500 which is not at all a bad way to set up your transfers. The transfer is made within 1 to 2 business days and the exchange rate offered are also reasonable.

International Transfer via Thai Banks

Thai banks provide international transfer if you have an account with them or have a work permit. The service is provided by all Thai banks and the fee is reasonable charging only 0.25 percent.

ATM / Debit cards

Usually, all Thai Banks offer more than 1 card per account. Once you set up your account you can order two or three cards and send one of the cards back home. The exchange rate provided in this set up is not at all bad and the per transaction rate is a flat 100 Thai baht. It is a bit of a process to set up but once you have the debit on the other side it is the most reasonable solution.

Western Union

Although it is an expensive way t transfer money but sometimes during emergencies it turns out to be quite an effective way. A flat fee of 1,500 baht along with 20 baht on every thousand baht.

Please remember the above does not include the exchange rates so make sure to ask them the rates they will give.


PayPal is a good way to send money but involves fee which could be quite high and the exchange rates offered are not one of the best. Although, a safe way to transfer PayPal is widely used by expats as it is easy to set up.


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