Death toll for the first five days falls


During a period of five days from Apr 11 to Apr 15 death toll from accidents has fallen by 17.5% compared to last year.

Although the total number of accidents and injuries has gone up but the death toll was restricted to a total of 279.

Chiang Mai a popular destination for Bangkokians during Songkran posted a total of 140 accidents where as Nakhon Ratchasima had the highest death toll of 17.

road accidents in thailand during first five days of songkran 2017

Nearly 300 people died due to 3,000 accidents injuring almost 3,100 people.

Drink drivers were the main cause of the accident for at least 45% cases where as 25% was due to speed limit violations.

The government set up rest areas all throughout highways to ensure people driving into Bangkok on Saturday night get enough rest while driving.


Bangkok Post


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