Thai-Buzz: Boobs vs. Brains?


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Article: Should we be Facebook friends with people with knowledge or people with big boobs? Which one is better?


OP: Since Fb limits to 5,000 friends, within these 5,000 are the people we chose as friends. Most of them are people we actually know irl, but in addition to that are the people we added in order to be exposed to things. What kind of people should we choose to be our Fb friends? How do you guys decide when to add someone as a friend?


1.[+80] First of all, this question is not deserving of creating a forum for. Of course these two things are completely incomparable. Don’t accuse me of being too serious. If it’s me, I will definitely add the big boobs. Way more entertaining, guaranteed a good time.

As for knowledge, just go find on another day.

1-1: If you do this, then my wife won’t have many friends. #smallboobsteam
1-2: 555 let me have a good time too


2.[+76] Big boobs, click follow. Then you add the ones with knowledge as friends.

2-1: This comment is knowledgable.
2-2: Does this commenter have big boobs? I’ll send a friend request.
2-3: Commenter 2: I’m big, but I am taken.
Husband won’t let me show it off >_<


3.[+36] Add them both. One helps with stupidity, and another helps with …


4.[+23] Ones with big boobs are a rarity, suffering in making milk. Silicon comes from a faraway land, the good quality kind are an extravagant. The cheap quality ones are hopeless, all push-up bras. Small boobs never get some, tell your kids to get them done.
**Note: This comment was written as a poem, so it’s difficult to translate directly but this is what it basically means.**


5. Since Facebook limits to 5,000 people, and within these 5,000 are the ones you selected as friends. I suggest that you use two different IDs. If you are at home, use the ID with knowledgable people. If you are at work, use the one with big boob friends


6. What kind of meal should one eat?

1. Healthy food.
2. Food that one likes.
3. Combination of both, depending on the situation.
I choose both, for the heart and for the body.


7. But is it actually big in real life? Can I touch please?


8. Firstly, the real problem is whether or not they’d accept your friend request.


9. Choose the big boobs with knowledge.


10. At any rate, if you add the one with knowledge, you would only have one extra friend. However, if you add the one with big boobs, you will get thousands more friends; those who share your goals. But if you manage to find one with both, then it’s even more attractive.


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