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Article: Crazy.. I can barely survive with 15k baht salary in Bangkok


OP: 3 years ago I get 10k per month, and always have enough leftover to save. However, in this generation where each dish is 40-50 baht, I spend at least 200 baht on food everyday. Furthermore, transportation costs, social, clothes… Now my salary is 15k but it’s barely enough to use. Occasionally when I have a date, I can barely spend more than 500 baht. I have to take free bus to meet the girls, and I have been ignored a lot. How am I supposed to live from now on. Hainanese chicken rice is my soi is 40-50 baht nowadays.

p.s. I am 26 y.o. Seems like I need to change jobs to something that pays at least 20k a month
p.s2. I rent an apartment that is 3k a month, at least 4k with utilities and internet.


1.[+77] If you’re poor, you need to be humble. If I don’t have enough to spend, I wouldn’t use my money on girls at all. Giving it to parents would be more sensible.

1-1: If you don’t spend on girls, then how are you supposed to have girlfiends/wives? Are you planning on being single in this life? Or do you expect the girls to always pay?
1-2: I repeat this “If you’re poor, you need to be humble.” If you’re poor and spend on girls, it means you don’t have a brain. There is no decent girls who would date a guy who makes 15k a month and still not able to take care of himself. Use your brain, and think about what that means.
1-3: 1. No decent girls would ask how much you make per month.

2. Decent guys would pay more than the girl he’s dating.
It’s true that no decent girls would date Bangkok guy who makes 15k, but if you can follow the above two, then 70% you will get laid.


2.[+22] I know a junior of mine whose salary is 13k per month. This person uses 150 per day x 22 days = 3,300 baht. He gives his dad 5k every month, and has 4,700 left. Moreover, he doesn’t use phone data, doesn’t go out, doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke. He has a girlfriend that he’s been dating for 10 years. They eat at street vendors, would only eat out at restaurants on birthdays. All of this happens in Bangkok.

All of us, even if you have millions, if you don’t know how to be frugal then it can easily disappear. People who know how to spend, no matter how small their salary, they need to survive. They will manage to survive no matter what.

Have you ever ask yourself whether it’s the money that’s not enough, or yourself?


3. Find an extra source of income.


4. I’m almost 30 years old. I have a college degree, but my salary is never more than 10k. To this day I have paying off my new car, gas up, go out for drinks, and still have left to save.


5. These days everything is expensive. You need to save well. Also, anything can happen under this government.


6. You need to move to a different Soi. What kind of Khao Mun Gai (hainanese chicken rice) is 40-50 baht. Where do you live? Can’t you find a regular market? Even in Silom it’s 30-35 baht only. Is the only food around your house Khao Mun Gai?


7. Good luck.
8. If you spend on girls everyday, even if your salary is 100k it still wouldn’t be enough. Try re-organize your lifestyle. When I went to school in Bangkok, I got a few thousands from part-time jobs but still managed to live without asking for allowances.


9. Okay, rounding up: Suppose each meal costs 20 baht extra— 3 meals 20 x 3 = 60. 30 days x 60 = 1,800. You got 5,000 extra, so 5,000 – 1,800 = 3,200. Your have an extra income of 3,200 baht. Back then you can live on 10k and still have savings, but you can’t do that now. I think you need to ask yourself why. Btw, how much are you paying off your iPhone every month.. *smirk*


10. 15k salary, but do you spend more than you can find? Meals per day at least 200 baht, so average of 70 per meal. Which Soi do you live in, Hainanese Chicken Rice there is more than Silom. Good luck on finding a new job that pays more, but more importantly, don’t forget to decrease your spendings.



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