Thai-Buzz: Songkran.. Silom vs. Khaosan??


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Article: Songkran… Silom vs Khaosan | which one is more okay?


OP: Songkran.. Silom vs. Khaosan | Which one is better??


1. Khaosan grabs boobs, Silom grabs balls. What would you like? Your pick.

1-1: Ahh I’m late
1-2: “Grab balls” .. So is it getting grabbed or grabbing others??
1-3: Both getting grabbed and grabbing theirs. Whatever you prefer.


2. Khaosan and Siam ka.


3. In front of Central World looks fun too. Particularly, Coke plaza for foam and AIS plaza for water fights.


4. Central World and Siam. Strict securities. No powder, alcohol at all. Basically just straight up water fights. I had so much fun today.


5. I vote Siam too! Very cute (polite) water fights.


6. Surely, it’s Silom. Big, tight, bulge.. ooohh looks delicious.


7. Siam is very polite, but it’s good to wear glasses as protection. Also, there are always people who shoot for the eyes, I’m confused as to why. Silom is a bit harsh, but some are polite. For example, they would say “Happy New Year!” with 300 grams of powder aimed at your face.


8. Khaosan many chicks .. Silom plenty of lady boys .. So which do you like?


9. Went to Khaosan today, and didn’t like it at all. -_- So I think Siam is the best.


10. Silom: At any rate if there’s a bomb there, half of the country’s gay population will be gone. #SilomGrabsBalls
Help me find women in this picture.
Silom Songkran



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