Thai-Buzz: Would upper class Farangs date other nationalities?


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Article: Do you think upper class Farangs would consider dating other ethnicities?


OP: Wondering about this since most of the Farangs who date Thai women are either middle class or low class. You’re lucky if you get rich Farang, but the ones with class who are from a good family.. what do they think about dating other nationalities?


1. From what I know, there’s one couple. *thai celebrity* and the Jewish millionaire. For higher class Farangs (noble families) or the old money..seems like they have their own social circle that even fellow Farangs can’t reach.


2. If you’re destined to meet, no matter what it will happen. But these groups of people probably won’t be on dating websites. Probably have to meet in person, or have some kind of force to make it happen.


3. I feel like these things have no answers. It’s not math with a set solution. It depends on the Farang’s perspectives combined with factors like environment, experience, family etc. that influence whether or not he/she will date other nationalities.


4. Wouldn’t these things depend on personal preference? I think there are some, but for sure even if they date Asians their partner would have to be of the same class. There are a lot of upper class Asians too… I believe that when you date someone of course you find someone of similar background. But if it’s very different social backgrounds..there might be some but very rare.


5. My cousin married an Earl. She went to study and met each other in England, but her family is from a very good background. Her grandfather used to be a high ranking government official, but of course they would only choose people of similar backgrounds. So different from mine, met each other while backpacking so we just continue doing so 555


6. I think it’s very rare. Might not be that they look down on us, but that they can’t communicate. These upper class Farangs tend to be picky, and most Thai commoners aren’t used to that.


7. Not just foreigners but even same nationality with different classes is very difficult. Adjusting to high class society is very hard, you will need to take course on manners and etiquettes. What about basic societal manners. If commoners have to learn these things, live these lifestyles it would be stressful and pressuring. Some would just prefer to live comfortably. I guess there are some who date upper class foreigners, but they will already have to come from similar backgrounds.


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