Vans given final ultimatum to remove extra seats


The Department of Land Transport announced Tuesday deadline to van operators to reduce excess seats before Songkran festival.

The limit is set to ensure public safety especially during Songkran. Passenger vans in Thailand manage to squeeze up to 18 people to make extra money.

The department announced the deadline in order to reduce accidents during Songkran. Thailand is one of the top countries in road fatalities and Songkran accounts for most number of accidents.

The department’s rule to reduce excess seats is in line with Transport’s Ministry policy of “zero deaths”. The government initially wants 15,808 vans registered within fixed routes in Bangkok to adhere to the new law or suffer on-spot fines of 500 THB if the seats excess the limit.

Van operators could also face up to 5,000 THB in fines and suspension of van license if caught violating the new law.


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