Is Banning Facebook in Thailand a Good Idea?


There has been talk, on and off, about banning Facebook in Thailand. Countries which block social media from its citizens are obviously given largely bad press. However, would an authority banning Facebook along with maybe barring other social media options actually be doing us all one big favor?

More Privacy

First of all we would have some of our privacy back. No longer would people know our every move and the ins and outs of our lives. On top of this, people would not be tempted to contact us at multiple points in the day to talk about trivial rubbish. ‘Facebook Places’ really goes the extra mile to tell everyone exactly where you are at all times. Tracking devices are put on criminals to keep an eye on their whereabouts so why would you want to willingly be tracked? Also, people will not be so inclined to put your picture up on their Facebook wall. At present, if you are on holiday and someone ‘posts’ you up for all eyes to see, you may return home to find that your house has been burgled. Con artists, identity thieves and scammers love the invasion of your privacy on Facebook, there are numerous ways that you can be taken advantage of by plastering your social life and movements up on the internet.

Utter Tripe

The content of most of the posts on Facebook, let’s face it, is utter tripe . . . just complete rubbish! From people taking pictures of their handbags, their food, money, selfies, their pets and a whole host of other nonsense that doesn’t do a lot to enhance our lives. One of the writers here even received a Facebook message saying that one of his ‘friends’ had just put the washing machine on. Not to mention the millions of pictures with catchy sayings plastered all over them that no-one ends up remembering anyhow. And what about those animal cruelty posts saying ‘Click like if you disagree with animal cruelty’ etc . . . total BS because clicking ‘like’ does absolutely nothing; volunteering to help animals instead by getting off our asses would help however, as this would involve actual action.

False Friends?

Ninety percent of so called ‘friends’ on Facebook are not your friends at all, in fact, most of them wouldn’t even stop to help you if you had a flat tire on the motorway. But what about all the ‘likes’ you get by them on your posts you may ask? Well, they are mostly pressing the ‘like’ button because they feel obliged to, plus they are secretly yearning for you to click and notch up some likes on their posts. Most people just plain boast on Facebook, with pictures of their possessions posted up in what looks like a friendly manner, but in fact is blatant competitiveness slapped right into your face on a daily basis. A number of people’s Facebook friends are actually people they don’t even like because they feel obliged to list them as a friend. Meeting up with just one genuine friend beats any Facebook ‘friend’ group hands down.

Total Waste of Time

Most people spend a good few hours texting, twittering, sending stickers, posting up your ‘status’ and reading trivial nonsense etc. Some people even spend most of the day tapping their text pads on their phones. Let us assume that the average person spends around two hours per day on social media; in a period of just 5 years of that person’s life it would amount to 3650 wasted hours. What would that person have gained after putting in 3650 hours of their life into social media surfing and posting? What would they gain if instead they used those 3650 hours to learn a new skill? You could easily become a proficient programmer, an expert chess player or reasonably fluent in a foreign language in that amount of time. Or you could become one of the fittest people on the planet if you spent that time exercising and doing sport.

Let us ask you a question and please give us an honest answer . . . In the countless hours that you have been playing around with social media, how many posts put up by others stick in your mind as being helpful, special or life enhancing? If you can count more memorable posts from memory than you have fingers on your hands then I take my hat off to you.

Just Imagine

Just imagine a life without Facebook and other annoying social media bugging us all the time. People would be walking in straight lines instead of meandering around tapping away at their phones. Everyone would try living in the moment, enjoying the here and now, instead of desperately trying to click pictures to hold on to moments and memories that eventually disappear under the avalanche of daily posts. You could eat your dinner in peace without someone having to take a picture of your plate before eating. There would be no more needless and self-absorbant ‘selfies’, which would be good, as future generations will no doubt look back at the present selfie culture, laugh out loud and call it retarded. Couples would actually talk together at the dinner table too, which yes, would end in some divorces for sure, but for most couples they would actually communicate more and be happier.

Taking Matters into Our Own Hands

Whether or not the powers to be will eventually ban Facebook is hard to say, but if you want your privacy back and want to spend the next 3650 hours doing something more constructive then close down your FB account pronto. Delete all of the sticker sending and twittering apps that bug you and make your phone bleep and ping all day long, to gain some well earned peace in your life once again. In effect, gain control of the social media that is controlling you before wasting any more of your precious time. Talk to people face to face, use Skype and actually have a conversation with the real friends who aren’t nearby on your friends list and your life will feel less ‘plastic’ and more ‘wholesome’ and meaningful.


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