In the Soi: Boat Noodles and Other Goodies at Victory Monument


Victory Monument is undoubtedly one of the “must-visit” places in Bangkok. Even not as a destination, visitors will most likely pass through this landmark at least once as it serves as a major transportation hub for buses, trains, and even the BTS. One of the best thing about this area, however, is the variety of restaurants available. The most popular options among the bunch are probably the boat noodle places where at least 10 bowls are stacked up per person. Check below to see the ones that made our “must-try” list, and for other interesting places to check out in this area!

Phra Nakorn Boat Noodles

phra nakorn noodlephra nakorn noodle2

An infamous boat noodle house that boasts more than three branches around the Victory Monument alone. All their branches are simply decorated for comfort, and air-conditioned rooms are available (which is crucial because Thailand). Menus include beef or pork boat noodles, Tom Yum noodles, and other appetizers like grilled meat balls, fried wontons, and even Thai desserts. | Hours: 8 am – 9 pm Daily

Pa Yak (The Best of Noodle Boat)

pa yak noodlepa yak noodlepa yak noodle

Pa-Yak Boat Noodle has been opened for over a decade, and they were one of the first ones to upgrade to air-conditioned room. The service here is extremely fast and efficient. Boat noodles come in very small portion, so be sure to order in advance so you can continue enjoying your meal without an interruption. Fried wontons here are also quite delicious as well. | Hours: 9 am – 11 pm Daily

Rua Thong

rua thongrua thong

Rua Thong, Thai for golden boat, is one of the original boat noodle houses in this area. They have been in the business for decades, passing from one generation to the next. What really sets them apart from the other noodle houses in this area is the higher quality ingredients that they use. Service here is also fast and efficient, which is always a plus. | Hours: 9 am – 9 pm (Closed on Mondays)

Anong Boat Noodle

anong boat noodleanong boat noodle

A-Nong Boat Noodle is an air-conditioned, decently serviced noodle house that offers more than just boat noodles. Menus include Yen-Ta-Four, Tom-Yum, and Clear broth noodles as well. They have both pork and beef for meat option, and offer other appetizers like deep fried wontons or fried pork skin. | Hours: 10 am – 10 pm (Closed on Tue-Wed)

Let’s Say Cafe

lets say cafelets say cafe

A non-noodle place on this list, Let’s Say Cafe is a 24-hours cafe that offers more than just coffee. This four story building opens all day everyday, serving food, baked goods, and beverages. The second floor, known as Vanilla Box, is an indoor activity center while the third is a full-service board game cafe. Head up to their rooftop for an outdoor area where you can treat yourself to a view of a park nearby. | Hours: 24/7

Saxsophone Pub & Restaurant

saxsophone pubsaxsophone pub

No, that is not a typo but the actual name of this pub and restaurant in Victory Monument area. Saxsophone is a great fusion between Western and Eastern decor. The dark and classic furniture gives off a jazzy vibe. Head over here to enjoy a typical pub meal accompanied by great rotations of bands playing different genres. It is no surprise why this place is popular among locals and expats alike! | Hours: 6 pm – 2 am



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