Is Thailand More Developed than the West?


The main line of thought for most people is that Europe, America and other western founded countries are more developed than Thailand . . . but is this true? In many respects Thailand is more developed than the west, and here’s why:

Corruption in the West

corruption in the west

Yes, there is a lot of ‘under the table’ corruption in Thailand but there is equally a lot of ‘legalized’ corruption in the west. First of all, the banks are dishonest; for example, in their greedy haste to push subprime mortgage loans, we have been in a recession since 2008. Now, they are paying close to almost 0% interest rates on our savings to fill the whole that they made, thereby ripping us off twice. Another example is when banks specify that a check will take 10 days to go through, which means they want to keep the interest gained in that 10 days while you wait. Despite great strides in digital technology, checks still mysteriously take 10 days to process, no big surprise there I guess.

If you watch TV in England you will notice legalized loan shark adverts with 1000% interest rate charges being shown, after having to buy a TV license to watch the television in the first place. You’ll also find parking meters that mysteriously have been built to give you no change and a mandatory ‘council tax’ monthly payment which is in effect a kind of loan that you will never pay off.

Another example of ‘legalized corruption’ in the west is when you try to claim on your car or house insurance. Insurance companies hold regular meetings in the west to dream up ways in which to avoid paying out; and if you have ever tried to claim you will no doubt remember waiting several months before they pay out.

Western governments have lied through their teeth to secure oil producing areas. As an example, do you remember the big media push to scare people about Saddam Hussain’s weapons of mass destruction? What weapons of mass destruction? There were none. Now look at the stability of the middle east since that invasion to find those imaginary ‘weapons of mass destruction’, and you’ll see that we are closer to WW3 involving real weapons of mass destruction. The west reacts to everything that goes on in the middle east like a greyhound out of a starting gate, but is strangely not as interested in atrocities occurring in non-oil producing nations.

What about the NSA’s dodgy PRISM surveillance program and England’s GCHQ surveillance program? Everything you do on the internet is now recorded, spying on everything you do under the umbrella excuse of ‘it’s because of terrorism’ – yeah right, welcome to George Orwell’s 1984 vision turned real.

Better Service and Amenities

In general, there is better, more polite and helpful service in Thailand, that’s a no brainer, but did you know that Thailand has, in general, far better amenities than western nations? If you go into cinemas in Bangkok you will notice that they are spotlessly clean. In the west you mostly always get groups of teenagers talking through the movie and, if you are unlucky, they may throw popcorn at your head. Almost none of this occurs much in Thai cinemas. Shopping centers such as Central stores in Bangkok are way bigger than shopping malls in the west and again, they are spotlessly clean.

Swimming pools are more fun than in the west as you don’t have to book for a specific hour, you can just swim as long as you want to. Eating out is way more affordable and you have an abundance of food, literally everywhere you turn in Thailand. Resorts and hotels are way, way, way more affordable than in the west and pair that with Thailand’s stunning beaches and wildlife, which makes you think twice about staying in a resort for 1 day in the west compared to 3 days at the same price in Thailand.

Better Food

anothai2Thailand has some of the best food creations in the world. With fish and seafood in general Thais have come up with so many options, such as Pla Nung Manao (lemon steamed fish), Pla Sam Rot (3 flavored fish) and countless other creations. In the west however, unless you go to a top class restaurant, a fillet of fish (usually encased in greasy batter) will be plonked on your plate, with some kind of nasty, stodgy ‘sauce in a can’ dumped on top of it.

Yes, French food is nice, but if you dump truck loads of butter into any food it becomes delicious. Italian food is out of this world, but shove a load of cheese into any recipe and it also becomes delicious. In fact, if you pick any bland western dish, drop in some butter (courtesy of the French), shove in some bacon and lard (courtesy of the British), then drop in a heapfulls of corn starch and deep fried crap (courtesy of North America) then any meal will seem ‘delicious’. Traditional Thai food on the other hand doesn’t rely on cream, cheese and bacon to mask otherwise bland unimaginative meals. Instead you’ll find more healthy meals full of delicate flavors, with aromas of lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, ginger and herbs filling your kitchen every time you cook a Thai meal.

 Superior Healthcare

healthcare thailand

If you come from England for example, you will no doubt have experienced long waiting times to even be able to see a doctor, let alone get an operation. You can forget going to a dentist,  that’s more hassle than buying a pair of pliers and pulling out your tooth by yourself, which would be less painful. If you come from the States, most of your income will go on health insurance and you’ll be perpetually worried that you won’t have enough health care cover. Not so in Thailand, as you can take out private healthcare insurance, such as with Bupa in Thailand, at a far more affordable and realistic price. The private hospitals are clean, friendly, have wall mounted TVs, WIFI, restaurant delivery services etc. People even fly out to Thailand to get superior care at more affordable prices.

Here is a shock and awe fact for you . . . the pharmacy, doctors and specialists are actually part of the hospitals in Thailand – as in in one building all together. In most western countries you first must book an appointment with the doctor, then drive to the doctor’s office, who will then give you a slip of paper, where you must then drive (bearing in mind you are ill) to a pharmacy, then if you need to see a specialist you will need to drive to the specialist’s office, then if you need hospital treatment you will have to drive to the hospital. If you don’t have a car then life gets even more complicated. Some people living alone probably choose to just stay at home and die rather than go through all that, and who can blame them. You’ll here many accounts of single people’s bodies being discovered in apartments, with people asking “Why didn’t he go to hospital to get treatment?” It is clear that having the doctor, specialists, pharmacy and hospital in different areas, making patients do a grand tour to get treatment is totally retarded.

Less Bureaucratic Red Tape BS

Let’s face it, in the west it has become very difficult to carry out simple tasks without having to maneuver around petty rules and red tape. In Thailand life is simpler; when you buy a train ticket you don’t receive a ream of tickets from different rail companies and have to run between platforms in 10 minute windows to catch each train. Instead you just buy a ticket and get on the train. Plus, you are never perpetually worried about ‘being sued’ like in the US, where if you sneeze in the states there may be someone waiting to sue you for noise pollution or for speeding disease with intent, or some other ridiculous excuse to squeeze money out of you. In Thailand, the only time you may be wrapped up in red tape and suffocating bureaucracy will be when you visit the immigration office, but it’s the same in every country.

Less Egotism

In Thailand you will have to search around for a long time before you find someone with an obvious ego. In the west however, when you even shake hands it turns into an ego competition, as in ‘who can squeeze the hardest to show who’s more confident’; it’s hard to get a word in in most conversations and if you don’t strut around with John Wayne type body language you will be considered unconfident. No more has to be said about egotistic cultures than . . . it’s retarded, as you don’t need to be loud and cocky if you have real inner confidence.

Less in Your Face

The west is full of curtain twitchers, wanting to know your business, talking behind your back, asking you why you do everything you do and why not another way, keeping tabs on how often you turn up at church or whatever, who you are dating, the local street gossip etc, etc. A lot of people will be in your face, and the only way you can escape it will be to go hiking in the woods or hide out in some log cabin with no internet connection. This is not the case in Thailand however, as . . . apart from toilet cleaners, profiteers in tourist areas and the entire region of Pattaya, nobody will be that much interested in your personal business. You can take a deep breath and sigh of relief that no one is breathing down your neck wanting to know the ins and outs of your personal life. Welcome to freedom.

Not Trying to Police the World

Thailand, despite its faults, does not try to police the world and interfere with other countries. It does not conduct airstrikes or try to implant their version of ‘democracy’ or ‘values’ on other cultures. Thais have a ‘live and let live’ attitude to other cultures. True, they don’t open the flood gates and take in thousands of immigrants in the name of political correctness, but they are very tolerant of other cultures. Their main religion is also very peaceful, as Buddhism is never thrust onto people. Buddhism also concentrates on strengthening the mind, so Thai people will appear, most times, to be more relaxed than the westerners you see arriving at the airport looking vexed out and trying to cram in activities within every second of living.

What About Thailand’s Faults?

So, anyone reading this article who feels annoyed at what’s been said and is thinking ‘Yeah, but what about Thailand’s faults, such as traffic accidents, corruption . . . etc . . etc”, you are absolutely right; Thailand has many faults as well as strengths. We’re not saying that Thailand is better than the west, of course not, we’re just saying that for most people it sucks living in the west. Just look around in any ‘developed’ serious working nation and you’ll see that most people look absolutely miserable. So you have to ask yourself, is a culture which judges how ‘developed’ it is based on GDP figures really ‘developed’? Or are these so called, self-named, promoted and boasted, ‘GDP developed’ countries short-sighted? Is basing how developed a country is on how much money floats around its economy shallow and greedy? . . . Or just retarded?


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