Treat Yourself: 5 Picturesque Old Town Districts in Bangkok


Undoubtedly, Bangkok has become one of the most urban cities in South East Asia over the years. However, many of its old architecture and ancient vibes retain throughout the metropolitan city. Check out our list of the different districts in Bangkok that are uniquely vintage, making it a perfect destination for all visitors looking for a nostalgic experience.

Talat Phlu – Thonburi

talat phlu2talat phlu

Talat Phlu is currently located on Thoedthai Rd on Thonburi side of the Chao Phraya river. In addition to being an ancient district, the area was once a major transportation hub. For this reason, Talat Phlu not only has a local market, a temple, but also serves as a train station. Visitors can take photos with train tracks and old buildings while snacking on various street snacks from countless vendors.

Getting there: Easiest way to get there is by taking the BTS. Get off at Talat Phlu station, then take a motorcycle taxi to Talk Phlu market.

Hua Ta Khae – Lat Krabang

hua ta khae2hua ta khae

Take a nostalgic walk through the old riverside community at Hua Ta Khae, Lat Krabang. Over a century ago, Hua Ta Khae used to be an old floating market community where locals traveled and did all exchanges by boat. Although the market loses its livelihood over time, the classic vibe and local lifestyle retain. Visitors can experience the simplistic lifestyles of those who live here. Old wooden houses and tin roofs have charms of their own. Furthermore, street arts and graffitis complete this ancient hipster town.

Getting there:

  • Take the airport rail link, and get off at Lat Krabang Station then take a cab.
  • By train, and get off at Hua Ta Khae station.
  • Get on the van at Victory Monument, and get off at King Mongkut’s IT Lat Krabang.
  • Drive there. There is parking at Udom Pon market right across the river.
Sam Praeng – Giant Swing

sam praengsam praeng2

In Ancient Thai, “Praeng” means exit as the army would have to pass through this area on their way to war. Now, Sam (Three) Praeng district refers to Praeng-Phu-Torn, Praeng-Na-Ra, and Praeng-Sun-Pra-Sat which are the ancient districts of Bangkok. In the past, this area was a major hub for trading and showcasing of the arts. Buildings in this side of the city are reminiscent of old European colonial style, which make perfect backgrounds for photography. Furthermore, this area is also filled with street foods and local restaurants as well.

Getting there: Start at the Giant Swing and make your way through the neighborhood.

Song Wat – Bangkok

song wat roadsong wat road2

Song Wat is an old community that was built under the reign of King Rama V. Back in the days, Song Wat was one of the major trading centers in Bangkok and arguably one of the wealthiest as well. Although it’s no longer considered a business district, the nostalgia remains in this neighborhood with vibrant community filled with local restaurants that are passed down through generations. Most buildings also kept vintage architecture from over a century ago.

Getting there:

  • By boat. Get off at Ratchawong Pier.
  • Take the BTS to National Stadium station, and take the 204 Bus to the last station.
  • Take the MRT to Hua Lumphong station, and take the 40 Bus.
Talat Noi District

talat noitalat noi2

Vintage and Modern meet in this ancient Bangkok district through various street arts and graffitis. Talat Noi is considered one of the two “gates” to Thailand’s Chinatown. This district was founded when the Thai-Chinese community expanded along the Chao Phraya river centuries ago. Today, the neighborhood kept many of its old architectures and local family restaurants that are passed down. Take a stroll through Talat Noi for a nostalgic trip to the past, while enjoying various snacks and drinks.

Getting there: Take the MRT or the Train to Hua Lumphong Station.


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