Foreign tourists must buy travel insurance before entering Thailand

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According to the Bangkok Post citing an unnamed source, a new proposal has been put forward by the Tourism and Sports Ministry of Thailand for consideration and under this new proposal, all foreign tourists will be required to buy travel insurance before entering Thailand.

Under this proposal, travel insurance policies will even be implemented in insurance vending machines, which will be installed at the airport so travellers can purchase them as soon as they arrive at the airport. These insurance vending machines will be stationed at all airports in Thailand and border checkpoints.

The Tourism Authority of Thailand first proposed this plan in 2013 because the large growing number of tourists with unpaid medical bills are putting a huge strain on cash-strapped public hospitals in Thailand, who lack the manpower and resources to supervise the safety and welfare of the tourists. Sports Minister Somsak Pureesrisak said over a phone interview that the Ministry had to implement regulation to curb this as foreign tourists’ unpaid medical bills have cost Thailand more than 200 baht million annually. They propose that every foreign tourist should purchase a travel insurance package, which costs around 500 baht before entering Thailand.

Based on Forbes statistics, Bangkok’s tourism has continued to grow steadily over the years, despite facing several crisis recently like the Erawan Shrine bombing and recent floods. These incidents have not deterred tourists from all over the world from coming to Thailand. In 2013, Bangkok narrowly surpassed London as the most visited city in the world and in 2016, Bangkok has strengthened it’s stronghold with an increase of 5.5 million tourists over 3 years.

Travel and Tourism in Thailand has become an exponential growth of Thailand’s economy, contributing to the Thai GDP of 2.53 trillion baht in 2016.

Would this recent new law cause Thailand’s tourism to drop and will we see something like this

Turn to this soon?

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