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Article: Sex on the first date, what are your opinions?



OP: What are your opinions on hooking up on the first date with a foreigner? Here’s what happened to me:

We agreed to meet up for a meal for our first date, then he took me to his place afterward. We had safe sex, but afterward he told me that he wants me to go check for STD since he doesn’t want to use condom next time. I told him that if he wants me to, then we both have to. Inside I’m thinking, wtf I’m not a dirty skank. If you are worried I’m positive, then why did you do it with me?!

After that day, he still wanted to meet me but I didn’t go to the hospital or anything. I didn’t because I never sleep around, so it’s just about him more than anything. What do you think about this situation? He told me he doesn’t like “those kind of women” so he wants a guarantee that I really don’t have any STD.


1. Good… saves time
2. I disagree with other comments in this forum saying that he thinks you’re easy and that’s why he might think you’re positive. I think it’s fair to both of you to go together. If you still want to keep dating him, then both you and him will feel reassured that both of you are clean.

Although it’s true that having sex on the first date is looked down upon by most Thai people, everything relationship is different. I have a friend who married the guy she hooked up with on their first date. I think that this guy wants to commit to you, that’s why he might not want to use protection. However, you should make sure that you’re not just one of his options. If you’re not sure about this, then make him use protection. I have many foreign friends, and none of them are hung up on how many people they slept with.

2-1: If you change “Farang” to “Thai”, would you still think it’s normal?
2-2: Well this forum talks about foreigner. From what I read, I understood that it’s about a Caucasian farang. I’m not talking about whether or not it’s normal if it’s a Thai guy.

All I’m saying is that if you want to be sexually active, protect yourself from preventable harms. I just disagree with how the OP is being treated by other comments here, criticizing her and what not when none of us know her personally.

Regardless of nationalities, everyone should check for STD if they’re sexually active. Do you think that hooking up on the first dates only happen with a foreigner?


3. Maybe he’s certain that he’s negative because he got tested recently, or he’s always had protected sex…but with you he wants it raw so he makes you get tested.
4. Acting like you’re so precious…you’re just so easy. Having sex on the first date is not different from prostitution. He probably wants it for free, but needs to know that it’s clean.


5. Since this is Thailand, if he says that then he probably thinks you’re a bar girl. Farangs like to say that bar girls are HIV positive. Damn, sorry I have to say this. For me, what he says is disrespectful. Either that or you will have to look at yourself, see how you dress and your attitude. Does it resemble a bar girl?


6. I agree with comment #4. Hooking up on the first date like this… no wonder Farangs think negatively of Thai girls.


7. It’s because you do this that foreigners generalize other women as easy. Don’t let your p**sy leads your brain.


8. Don’t get it. Or if you are going to, then just go by yourself and see if he’s sincere. You need to be less easy.


9. I think it depends on the background before that date, how you guys met and what you told him about yourself prior to meeting in person. He probably won’t ask a random date to check for STD, so ask yourself if you said or did anything that made him question you. Hooking up with him on the first date makes him think you’re easy, so he’s probably wondering. If you want to commit to him, just do it for his closure. Farangs don’t really mind women’s sexual history as long as you’re safe.

p.s. I have many Farang friends, and I just want to say that not all of them hook up on the first date. If they are serious about each other, they wait until at least the third date to go there.


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