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Article: Why do I feel like in the next 5-10 years, the income gap will keep widening? Creating a huge inequality especially when the middle class stop having children.



OP: From my personal observation, most low-ranking staffs (<20k/month income) all have children. They live from month-to-month trying to make ends meet, full of credit card debts. However, those considered higher-ranked aged 30-40 only 2/10 have children. When asked why, they said that they are not ready for the responsibilities.

Looking at the big picture, I wonder what will happen when educated/middle class group (household income of >100k) stop having children?

Most wealthy people (asset >50m) all have children, and send their kids to international schools. They are within an exclusive, well-connected upper class social circle. In the future they will be controlling this country’s resources.

Middle class people don’t want children, since they don’t want their kids to suffer like they did. This is where there is a gap.

Low-income group have lots of children. Some don’t plan ahead, or just hope that their kids will take care of them in the future. However, if you start from zero it’s very hard to improve your living conditions and social status. They end up being the low-income working class.

While we encourage new graduates/generations to establish a startup etc, we forget that big investments are from the wealthy group. Basically it is very difficult to break through the big investors.

As a result, we end up with a huge income distribution gap. You’re either rich or poor.
Just want to share my opinion as a middle-class 34 y/o man.


1.[+65] And society will worsen because low-quality population will increase. The **street kids (rough translation of slang) around my house all have children at a very young age, and raise them with whatever they have. The children have low quality.

1-1: Quality of population is not dependent on income because education is more important. Obvious example, although average income of Bangkok is high, the quality is not comparable to any other countries.
1-2: To the comment above, I think your opinion contradicts itself. Education is directly related with income. Wealthy families send their kids to school with tuition of 700k while middle-income costs 70k. Do you think the quality of education is the same?


2. You’re overthinking it. Back in the days, a family would have 10 children and they all end up being farmers with no education. Even so, we still manage to get where we are today. It all depends on money really, whoever is able to afford to have more opportunities in life. It’s much easier than the old days.

2-1: …The cost of living was different…Nowadays with starting salary, you’re considered amazing if you’re able to afford a house, a car, and a kid.
2-2: If you keep comparing us to the old days, then you will never move forward. If you use the past to determine the future, you will end up no where.


3. I agree. There will definitely be problems with population structure in the future.


4. If you have a child, you would want the best for them; the best school, clean and nutritious food, and comfortable life. But with my current salary, I admit that I will not be able to afford that. I believe that most of other middle-income families think the same, so we choose to postpone having children until we are ready.


5. What’s for certain is that Thailand has an aging population. The labor force gets smaller, and the quality of the population also worsens. Working group needs to plan for retirement, so that they aren’t burdensome to the next generations.


6. The main issue is the economy. If the economy improves, other issues will gradually resolve as well. Money solves all problems, so without money you can’t solve anything.


7. Our population structure is like an hourglass. But we do need the bottom to be bigger, or we won’t have labor force for our economy.


8. I agree with you. The upper-class controls the economy, while the lower class expands the population.


9. It’s because most middle-class people aren’t living comfortably. People who had a tough life don’t want their children to go through the same thing. If anything, I don’t understand people who have children even though they aren’t financially prepared. I feel bad for the children that have to grow up without basic necessities and knowledge.


10. I want to have kids, but life is tough in Thailand. It’s not very safe either. I have been thinking about this for years.


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