“Bigger protest this Friday!”, warned opposition party if election date is not confirmed by this Friday, 18 Jan


The activist group pushing for an early election today threatened to escalate its campaign if the Election Commission fails to announce an election date by this coming Friday, 18th January. Following the protest last week which saw hundreds lined up in the streets of Bangkok, the group plans to organize another protest this coming Friday, 18 Jan if the election date is not confirmed by then.

It plans to call another public rally at the Democracy Monument on Saturday to pressure the EC and the government to hold the promised election as early as possible.

Since its first public rally on January 8 has not been met and now the tentative date set for February 24 as promised by the Junta (government) might be postponed again, the group is growing increasingly frustrated with the broken promises by the Thai government.

“This amounts to a postponement of the election and the breaking of a promise by the NCPO (National Council for Peace and Order) for the fifth time with the international community being the witness,” said the group in its statement.

“We are losing our patience with the trickery and all the excuses as well as the slander to muzzle the media and the people who are demanding their basic rights,” said the pro-election group.

The group has demanded that the election must not be put off beyond March 10 as it would cause the EC to miss the 150-day deadline and thus putting the election at risk if being ruled being null and void.

The group announced that they would not allow the election to be scuttled although there have been attempts to stop it from taking place.  They also vowed to oppose any attempts by the junta to stay on in power.


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