Cook Like a Thai: Thai Snapper with Crispy Skin “Lui Suan” Style Easy DIY Dish!


’Cook Like a Thai’ brings you authentic recipes of your favorite Thai dishes. Although it is relatively cheap to eat out here in Thailand, home cooking definitely has its perks. That is, you are free to adjust the recipes to your preferences, and opt for higher quality materials!

This week we bring you one of the locals’ all-time favorite, Thai Crispy Fish Lui Suan


“I bought a snapper fish to do some “tom-yum”, or spicy soup, and had some leftover meat left so I decided to do this “Lui Suan” style dish. I put in quite a lot of herbs, and can imagine quite enjoy eating this dish.”



  • Snapper fish meat
  • Ginger, shallots, and diced lemons
  • Lemongrass and chopped chili
  • Lemon juice, fish sauce, palm sugar
  • Peppermint and roasted nuts
  • Salt and oil



  1. Pour salt all over the piece of snapper meat
  2. Fry in boiling oil, put the skin side down first and flip over once the skin becomes crispy. Fry the other side to a proper state of doneness. Rest the fish once done.
  3. Mix the lemon juice, fish sauce, and palm sugar together. Put in shallots, diced lemons, lemongrass, chili, and roasted nuts and mix everything well. Pour over the fish and garnish with some peppermint. Serve!


Let us know how your attempt goes, and feel free to share the results in the comments sections on our Facebook Page! Other suggestions or requests for other recipes are always welcomed as well. Bon Appetit!


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