Phuket locals scramble for free beer as Leo truck spills


Locals ride off with cans of Leo beer that fell of a truck in Rassada on Friday morning, 11th Jan.

PHUKET: Christmas must have come late for the locals and residents in Phuket as they rushed to grab as many free beers as humanly possible after a Leo truck carrying thousands of cans of Leo beer spills its load in Rassada.

On Friday morning, 11th January, we can only imagine it must be the best Friday ever for the herd of locals in Phuket as their street had thousands of cans of Leo beer due to a truck that almost overturned which caused this. Wichit Police were notified of this incident at around 6 am on Friday morning but as there was no traffic police on duty at that time, it ws too late to arrive at the scene on Soi Kingkaew-Uthit.

Upon arrival, police found loads of people collecting and carrying away as many cans as they could carry. Whilst others were trying to help to gather the cans and clear the road.


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