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Article: What should your salary should be at to start thinking about marriage and having children? What should your salary be to allow your wife to be a stay-at-home wife?


“OP: If I were the sole breadwinner of the family, what should my salary/income be at in this age and era so that my wife would be able to comfortably stay at home without having to work. I am willing to be the only one tired to provide for my wife and 2-3 children. When you had your first serious girlfriend, what was your salary and at what age?


Comment 1: I don’t know if this will help, but my income is 850,000THB and I let my wife be the homemaker, with 1 kid in Kindergarten 2 right now. I give my wife a salary of 50,000THB and everything is going along smoothly.

Comment 1-1: Does this 50,000THB include household supplies? Or is it only the wife’s salary, because my salary is not even 20,000THB.

Comment 1-2: This is my wife’s salary, and we share the costs as appropriate. If my kid wants a toy, or if my wife wants some new clothes, it’s included in this 50,000THB. Oh, and this includes household supplies. However, mostly I pay if we eat outside.

Comment 1-3: Oh, I see. I’ll consider this 850,000THB as a salary. I can even use this as an example for my students. Oh, and you have to pay an income tax of 35%, which is in the highest taxpayer bracket, which accounts for 1 in 400,000 people from a base of 40 million working citizens in the country.

Comment 1-4: Don’t dwell too much on the numbers, I personally think if you have a salary of 40-50k salary then it’ll be enough for your wife to be a homemaker, but you have to control your costs and don’t even think about gambling.

Comment 1-5: A salary of 850,000THB, then you’ll have a yearly income of 9MB THB. Wow!

Comment 1-6: I have a salary of 900,000THB, but I give it all to my wife.

Comment 1-7: Why are you so stingy? Your wife’s salary is not even 10% of your salary, even though your wife has no job.

Comment 1-8: Wow! What is your job such that your salary is 850,000THB? It’s very hard to achieve that figure if you’re a salaryman, unless you’re a business owner.

Comment 1-9: I have a monthly income of 1.5 mb THB, but my husband gives me nothing.

Comment 1-10: In Pantip, your salary can be as high as you want.

Comment 1-11: It’s possible, but I choose not to disclose.

Comment 1-12: I think everything is possibly, even a salary of 850,000THB and giving your wife 50,000THB is possible.

Comment 1-13: Let me delete my comments. I didn’t think that just by sharing my figures would cause me so much jealousy.

Comment 1-14: If this figure is the average from your investments, personal business, online sales, trading, being a celebrity, etc., then 850,000THB per month is not insane. However, if you’re a salaryman, even though you’re in a managing position, then even a salary of 800,000THB seems implausible. I’m concluding that you’re probably not a salaryman, but a business owner.


Comment 2: 30,000THB and above.

Comment 3: I think that both should work. Any salary is fine in my opinion. Be careful of overthinking, or you may lose this opportunity with the girl.

Comment 4: If you’re not letting your wife work, then you must have at least 4-5 maids. An average of 10,000THB per maid means you have to pay about 50,000THB in salary.

Comment 5: The question is too broad, there’s a lot of factors. Do you have to finance your house, your car? Have you talked to your girlfriend about her salary, do you have to send money back to your parents? Briefly, you’ll have to give 5000THB in allowance for your kids, which will be roughly around 15,000THB for 3 kids. Without debt, then I think a salary of 30,000THB should be enough but you won’t have any left for savings.

Comment 6: Be careful or you won’t have enough time for your wife leading her to cheat on you.

Comment 7:

Comment 8: Doing household chores and taking care of the kids is even more tiring than working. In this era, if you expect your wife to completely take care of household chores and the kids, then 50,000THB should be a minimum.

Comment 9: I think 50,000THB should be enough.

Comment 10: If you’re a salaryman, I think it is too risky for you to be the sole breadwinner however much your salary is. You’ll be so stressed if you got laid off in your mid-forties.

Comment 11: A disposable salary of 20,000THB with 2 kids (who aren’t enrolled in school yet) should be manageable. This excludes car and house financing, and emergency savings (school fees, hospital fees, etc.).

Comment 12: It’s adorable that you don’t want your wife to be tired. Even my boyfriend, who’s a doctor, doesn’t want me to not work because he’s afraid I’ll get bored. Honestly, I don’t want to leave my job because I’m satisfied with the salary and afraid that I won’t get the same amount elsewhere. Nothing is as good as using your own hard-earned money, not even using other people’s money.

Comment 13: Your needs, wants, and lifestyle, including creating happiness for each family member, is not the same. You’ll have to think about your minimum spending, which school you want your kids to enroll in, hospital fees, and emergency funds.

Comment 14: Your needs, wants, and lifestyle, including creating happiness for each family member, is not the same. You’ll have to think about your minimum spending, which school you want your kids to enroll in, hospital fees, and emergency funds.

Comment 15: Did you plan for any emergencies, such as an event where you are not in a condition to work? By that time, your jobless wife won’t be able to support you. If you want your wife to be a homemaker, then you have to consider this too. Anything can happen.

Comment 16: If you only want a girlfriend, then any salary is fine to have one. But if you’re thinking about creating a family, marriage, letting your wife stay at home, you have to calculate your monthly costs. Did you consider your house mortgage fees? Are you renting or financing, or are you debt free? How about your electricity bills, water bills, internet bills, phone bills? How about your car? Are you still financing it? Your gas bills, maintenance fees, insurance, license, or other fees from other types of transportation? How about your food fees, your spending, your household supplies? How much are you using per month? How much do you want to save for emergencies? By calculating these costs, you’ll have your answer for your salary. If you plan to have kids, then you have to plan for their future too. The costs of having a kid, especially a newborn, is very high. Think about the milk costs, doctor fees, health checkups, vaccinations, clothes, diapers, supplements. Then you’ll have to enroll your kids in school. Start calculating.

Comment 17: Is this question serious, or is it meant as a joke? I see so many forums like this, and the information you are giving is so broad. I’ll answer broadly then. If you have a fancy lifestyle, or you’re in the high society, no matter how many millions you make it won’t be enough. Getting in society is expensive, and trends are always changing. You’ll have to spend a lot to keep up with this. You’ll be fine if you’re a multimillionaire, or a billionaire.

Comment 18: I’m currently in the same situation as you. My wife, three children, and myself. I send my children to a normal private school. I think 40,000THB is manageable (or is it because I can only find this so I have to manage? Hahaha) I have no debt, have a house, a car, and enough for roughly about 3,000THB in savings. My kids are starting to grow up so I now have time to find other sources of income. It’s tiring, but it pays off when you see your kids.

Comment 19: Whenever I see this type of forums, I want to say, change your mindset. The question shouldn’t be “How much should you make” but should be “How much should you have left to spend”. I think that salary is just an income that does not guarantee you’ll be able to use that whole amount but the key is how you manage your money so that you have some left to spend. This is the main factor in which you can decide your lifestyle. No matter how little you make, if you’re able to turn it into disposable income, then it’ll be enough for your kind of lifestyle, which is your sustainability.

Comment 19-1: A person with an income of 20,000THB, by being tight on money, can have 10,000THB left for savings. A person with an in come of 100,000THB, living life to the fullest, can have nothing left to save. Is the first person actually better? I’d choose to be the 2nd person, he just chose not to save. Once he decides to save, his first month of saving will be equivalent to the first person’s 8 months of savings. Every lifestyle is different, your happiness and mine is different.

Comment 19-2: I don’t judge a person’s lifestyle. I’m not in a position to judge using my lifestyle as a standard. Everyone is different. I believe that everyone has the choice to choose their kind of lifestyle, whichever one that makes them happy.

Comment 19-3: Imaginary life is not the same as reality. There’ll be ups and downs, that’s for certain. Simply said, if a very low income person is able to sustain his lifestyle and his family, without being in debt or in urgent need of money, then he’ll be satisfied, like any other person with a high income. The only difference is that in the case of emergencies, the low income person would only be able to afford government healthcare, and if it really is serious, then he’ll have the possibility of losing all his money. Is it really fair to say that their life is the same as any other person?

Comment 19-4: Of course it’s fair to say that. How can you define which is better? To that low income person, or to you yourself? There’s so many people that on the outside look poor, but they are rich inside (I’ve personally experienced this). I think that your comment is wrong. You’re not talking about having “savings” because this forum is not talking about savings in the first place. The question was how much should the salary be so that the wife can be a full on homemaker. That is why I say that you shouldn’t look at the salary, but at how much you can spend each month. A salary does not guarantee that you can use all of it due to personal spending such as finances. We should consider the net income, after all fees are paid, and whether this amount is enough to sustain the lifestyle we want. If the forum’s owner disposable income is enough to allow his wife to be a full time homemaker, then it is manageable. In the future, the forum owner’s salary will definitely increase but debts and lifestyle costs will also increase. Then salary will not be an important factor, but the important factor will be money management.

Comment 19-5: Errr…but shouldn’t you consider the salary first because the forum owner is using it to feed his family? A family’s monthly cost should be a priority when considering money management. The forum owner is not considering his retirement funds or savings.

Comment 20: If you’re staying in Bangkok, and thinking of having 2-3 kids, with your wife as a homemaker, I think that even 60,000THB is not enough in this day and age because you have to consider your debts (house and car finances) too. P.S. However, if you’re frugal, then 30,000THB should be enough (I’ve seen people managing before).

Comment 20-1: My mother has a salary of 70,000THB, dad with a salary of 30,000THB. This is not even enough, and we’re living paycheck to paycheck, with a little left for savings. We don’t have to worry about house and car finances because my grandparents gave us the money to buy them. It really is up to money management and my mother is biased towards spending freely on cosmetics while my father spends a lot on lotteries every month. Some people have a salary of 30-40k and can live comfortably and with savings too.

Comment 21: When my wife was pregnant twenty years ago, I let her quit her job and stay at home. I gave her 7,000THB monthly, from my salary of 50,000THB. Today, I’m giving her 25,000THB for general costs but does not include water bills, electricity bills, or school fees from my salary of 100,000THB. However much I give my wife, she uses it all because she spends it on buying me good clothes to wear and good food to eat.

Comment 22: Personally for me, I think that 80,000THB would be enough for my wife to be a homemaker with a salary of 20,000THB and some monthly home mortgage payments. However it’ll be a frugal lifestyle.

Comment 23: Is it necessary to think of money first when you have a girlfriend? I had a girlfriend ever since my studying days, and I use what I could make. Responsibilities increase with age. You’re asking how much should you have so it’s enough for your wife to be a fulltime homemaker. I have to ask back, then what is your expected quality of life? If you’re thinking of purchasing a house on the outskirts, then it’ll be around 7-10 mb THB. Let’s assume 7mb. Your monthly payment is already 50,000THB. If your kids are enrolled in a private school, then you should consider about 400,000THB in yearly school fees, which is about 35,000THB monthly. What about your car payments? Let’s assume you have two cars, one for yourself and one for your wife to send the kids to school. You’re financing it for 5 years, and let’s assume it’s a mid-sized sedan. The monthly payment will be about 15,000THB, or about 8,000THB for an eco car. Adding in maintenance, gas fees, insurance, then it’ll be roughly about 30,000THB monthly. How about your family spending, a family of 4, eating out sometimes, will equal to roughly about 40,000THB. What about clothes, household supplies, let’s assume it’s at 20,000THB. If you consider all the aforementioned, then you should have a salary of roughly about 200,000THB, but if you’re living in a condo and your kids study at a public school, then 80,000THB should be manageable. Simply thinking, add you and your wife’s income, with 20% for savings, then your income should be around that.

Comment 23-1: I see the picture, but don’t forget your retirement funds. It should be about 50% of your income, which should be about 400,000THB.

Comment 24: The answer to this question should not be whether how much your salary should be, but how much could your wife’s salary potentially be. If your wife has a salary of 100,000THB, then she probably wouldn’t quit her job to take care of the kids. However, if your wife has a salary of 9,000THB, then it would be more preferable for her to quit her job and take care of the kids because babysitting can be about roughly the same amount she makes. For me, I think 20,000THB should be your wife’s salary. If it’s lesser, then she should quit her job and come take care of the kids.

Comment 25: 50,000THB and above. If you have house payments and car payments, then you should add that in your base salary of 50k, plus some insurance. This should be manageable and wouldn’t cause any stress in the future. However, I have seen many families that let the wife stay at home and becomes stressed out because women are socially inclined. You have to ask your wife first whether she wants to be a fulltime homemaker or whether she wants to work. It can be a low-pressure, low-paying job and can contribute to her personal spending.

Comment 26: It depends on how much your wife uses monthly. Every woman is different, some do not party, do not shop, and a salary of mid-10k’s is enough. However, if your wife is someone who likes shopping, dressing up, and used to have a substantial income, you should be able to compensate her for this. By working alone, you’ll also lose some of your household income. I think having your wife working too is a better option. You’ll both have more income (unless you’re a business owner). Personally, I wouldn’t want to be a fulltime homemaker. It just isn’t me.

Comment 27: I think if there were a lot of overthinking people like you, Thailand would be full of singles.

Comment 27-1: I think being single is good. It decreases the population, and people won’t have to compete for food, for traveling. A kid is not like a puppy or a kitten, raising one requires a lot of time and money. Some parents become thieves because they aren’t able to afford for their children.

Comment 28: 100,000THB, but you should be frugal.

Comment 29: 20,000THB should be enough for both you and your wife to live frugally but you won’t have any savings. 30,000THB should be enough for both you and your wife to live frugally with some savings. If you are planning to have 1 kid, and you’re the only one working, then you should have an income of about 70,000THB. If you’re planning to have 2 kids, and you’re the only one working then you should have an income of about 150,000THB. This does not consider emergencies such as illnesses or vacations.

Comment 30: I think that helping each other work is the better option but it depends on the necessity of each family too. I don’t think I can answer in exact figures.

Comment 31: 60,000THB and above if you’re planning to start a family.

Comment 32: I’m averaging 70,000THB per month, and I’m letting my girlfriend be a fulltime homemaker. This includes condo payments, car payments, and credit cards. I’m living paycheck to paycheck though.

Comment 33: You must consider your expenses. Even though you have an income of 150,000THB but an expense of 120,000THB, it won’t be enough.

Comment 34: You have to consider your debts too and where you want your kids to enroll too. If you want your kids to enroll in a government school and you have no debt, then 15,000THB should be enough to sustain the whole family.

Comment 35: Currently, I have a salary of 15,000THB and paying a monthly mortgage of 17,700THB. Other income streams include my investments in 400 public companies including TPC and Big C. I am now growing my own crops such as corn to decrease my expenses on my 2 rai land in Sathorn. I am also growing some fruits such as bananas, mangoes, coconuts, star apples, and jackfruits at home.

Comment 36: If I consider everything, including my dividends, then I will have a salary of about 45,000THB. Will this be enough? I’m considering homeschooling my kids from kindergarten to elementary school, and probably won’t send them to international schools. Regarding my savings, I’m looking in the future, say 30 years, where my house will be paid off and other assets will start making me back money.

Comment 37: I think if you are not able to become a business owner, or you’re not a really smart person where you are making 300,000THB at the ages of 22-35, then I think that both you and your wife in the age range of 22-29 should help each other regarding income, and should have a house, car, and at least 30,000THB in cash each month. During the age of 29-33, you should consider having kids so you can reduce the chance of infertility. This could be the time where the wife becomes a homemaker as per your wants or you could consider letting grandparents come and take care of the kids. After your kids are enrolled, then I recommend having your wife start a regular job to have another source of income. At 40-45, then you could consider your wife to be a fulltime homemaker. Things should go smoothly from now. As for your train of thought on how much you should make, I want you to consider your family members too which means you need a passive income stream for your family.

Comment 38: For this question, consider asking Hia Sek. You would probably get the best answer.

Comment 39: You can have a wife regardless of your income and status, but as a man you should be ethical and should not depend on your wife for income.

Comment 40: Think backwards from your monthly expenses, the salary your wife wants, and savings in your wife’s name and I think you will get your answer. Savings in your wife name is when you are not able to provide for her anymore and this will allow her to sustain herself for a period. Finally, ask your wife whether she wants to be a homemaker.

Comment 41: Income is only but a small factor but the main factor is whether your potential wife is confident in your ability to provide for the family. Even if you have a low income, if your potential wife believes that you are able to provide for your family in the long run, she will marry you. You might have not any assets when marrying, but after a while you will slowly build up your portfolios and finally have financial stability. The only problem is that there won’t be anyone to take care of your kids before enrolling them in school since you will both be working. Every problem has a solution.

Comment 42: I don’t understand how the picture in this forum is related to the question.

Comment 43: What quality of life do you want? Some people think that 30,000THB is enough, and for some 30,000THB is enough for only one week. You have to consider where you are starting from. If you’re an office worker, then 30,000THB would be enough. However, if you have a social life and like to party, have a big house with high maintenance and bills, then it should be around 30,000THB weekly.

Comment 44: Before thinking of having 2-3 kids, with you being the solo breadwinner consider the following 1).  Are you able to support 1 kid? 2). No, are you able to support just you and your wife? 3). No, are you able to support for you yourself? Please wake up, and reconsider.

Comment 45: Ask your wife how much she usually use per month and add that to your expected to income. If your wife had an income of 50,000THB, and you tell her to stay home while giving her 15,000THB, then that won’t be right. Personally for me, if you were to be the sole breadwinner then you should have a salary of 100k-150k.

Comment 46: It depends on your monthly expense. Do you have a house, do you have a car? Do you still have to finance it? If you don’t have to pay off any finance, then living frugally off 50,000THB should be enough.

Comment 47: Let me answer why comment 1 has such a high income. I am working as an accountant for a consultant and also for an engineer. This is the normal rate, and especially with a lot of experience, this salary rate is not unusual. For them to come to this level, they have accumulated a lot of experience, spent a lot of time, and takes on a lot of responsibilities. P.S I do not know what comment 1 does, but from his comment I think he is a high level officer, maybe even a PD or PM.

Comment 48: It depends on the environment, if you were to have a family in Thailand, then I think you should have an income of more than 300,000THB to start considering having kids. If I am not able to do so, then I would not consider having kids. I’m not being unrealistic, it’s just that I’m single and have not considered my future with kids.

Comment 49: It depends on the lifestyle of each family. My wife is a stay at home wife, and had just given birth to our second child. Our first child is 2 years old, and the main monthly expense is education and kids activities such as swimming (700THB/time/week), Baby Genius (500/time/4 times a week) and shijida (700/time/week) and adds to about 12k-13k. I also need a babysitter, whom I pay 12,000THB and another 30,000THB to my wife. Electricity bills is about 6,000THB. Excluding food costs, this will be about 60,000THB. Having a second child only adds up to this expense. This is only the start, and the real expense will come when your children is enrolled into school. I am considering an international school around my house which will be about 300k-400k per child and another 70k emergency funds per month. I already have a house and car, no debt, and a salary of 200k-300k excluding dividends. It is still tight for me.

Comment 50: Found a girlfriend already bro?

Comment 50-1: Not yet, I’m just preparing for the future, for the next 30 years. I’m planning on being a normal human, living a normal life and having a normal death.

Comment 51: Let me go a bit off topic. For me, if my husband wants me to quit work then he should be able to compensate for your salary.

Comment 52: I think that if you both work and plan on having a kid, you should have at least a 40,000THB monthly income but if you also want to take care of your wife, then you should have at least 80,000THB in monthly income. In today’s world, everything is becoming more expensive. A hundred, two hundred baht per day is not enough. You must have at least 500THB per day just for food expenses and does not include electricity bills, phone bills, or other miscellaneous costs. If you have a car, then you must of course have enough to pay for gas, and gas is also expensive. For just you alone, I think you should have at least 15,000THB, which will be very tight, which is why so many people think about loans and paying back in installments which leads them even further into a bad financial cycle. Once you have kids, then you must provide them with education and of course it comes with a cost. Even though you’ll send your kids to a temple school, your child must have food expenses and educational material. The government provides certain benefits, but it is not enough. A lot of public school still calls for term payments in the form of maintenance fees such as Parents Councils, Alumni, or salary of foreign teachers. At the very least, you’ll spend in the ten thousands for your kids. I think its difficult if you’re saving for your kids, it would be better if you’re ready then have kids.

Comment 52-1: My school is all-inclusive. I think if I continue on saving like this, I’ll be rich. I see other schools and they have so many miscellaneous costs, even more than the term fees.

Comment 53: It depends on whether you have any debts. Raising 1 kid has a lot of expenses such as school fees. Private schools have a fee of 20,000+++ exclusive of uniforms, allowance, insurance which will be roughly about 10,000THB per month. If you want your wife to stay at home, with a salary of 50,000THB, you already have a monthly expense of 30,000THB. I don’t think your wife will accept a salary of 30,000THB. This is not considering your monthly house and car payments. You should have at least 200,000THB.

Comment 54: A woman I know has a husband who gives her a salary of 100,000THB. One kid is in university and the other kid is in a private high school.

Comment 55: If you want to have kids and your salary should be like others in Pantip, then I think the population will gradually decrease until not even 10% of the current population. (sarcasm because people in Pantip tend to overstate their salary).

Comment 56: I am a woman 28 years of age and have a salary of 50,000THB. I’m not even sure of having kids since I myself already am using 20,000THB per month and giving back to my parents 10,000THB. I think that I have to buy a house and car after marriage, and this amount will surely not be enough.

Comment 57: I am a homemaker, taking care of my kids. My husband gives me a salary of about 80,000THB-100,000THB per month, and this is even though I have maids. It depends on how comfortable you want your family to be. A 30,000THB salary is enough, but it won’t be comfortable. Imagine your monthly expenses and times the amount of family members, as well as emergency funds. Children are constantly sick and some must let their children be in a critical condition to even consider going to the hospital. Some vaccines are not taken due to it being expensive (my friend is like this) but I am fortunate enough to be able to afford it. My husband used a lot of money traveling, but once he is expecting kids he started living frugally and started again with a salary of 18k. Now he is earning a lot more.

Comment 58: A friend told me that he’ll let his children study in a temple school, without toys and letting his kids play in the outdoors around his house. Another friend told me that he wants his kid to study at an international school, travel around the world, and have everything everyone else has. How much are you expecting to spend on your kids? Regarding your wife’s expenses, this is something you must ask your wife. The amount you give your wife will reflect on household supplies such as the quality of the food you eat and all the other household items.

Comment 59: Before thinking about money, you should start building your own wealth and more importantly, you should find a girlfriend. By posting a picture of Dragonball and Sailor Moon, it is one of the most effective child conception method in the world.

Comment 60: I plan on having a combined income of 150,000THB with my wife before having kids. When I am able to earn 150,000THB on my own, I will let my wife quit her job.

Comment 61: More than 150,000THB.


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