10 Indian Men and 24 Thai Women Arrested Over Fake Marriage Scam


Thai police obtained court orders for the arrest of 30 Indian men and 30 Thai women as theyinvestigatessham marriages in Bangkok linked with Indian money lenders and Hire Purchase salesmen. The police are now preparing submissions to have the legitimate marriage certificates obtained through fraud, rescinded. The scandal highlights the huge problem of illegal money lending in Thailand, its links with Indian nationals and the misery it spawns in addition to corruption.

An ongoing investigation in Thailand has led to a crackdown of an illegal money lending syndicate operated bya group of Indians who have used their fake marriage with Thai women to extend their long term stay and live unlawfully in the country.

Among the suspects, most of them are illegal moneylenders and salesmen who sell products to less well-off Thai people on hire purchases. A court order for an arrest warrant has also been issued for 30 Indian men and 30 Thai women for forging state documents, using forged documents and filing fake information to state officials which could jeopardize others’ livelihood. This case has highlighted the growing concern and problem of illegal money lending in Thailand and the negative impact of high personal debt on the economy and on families.

Immigration Police Bureau 1 in Bangkok had discovered the fake marriages between the 30 men and 30 women, which were falsely documented in order to extend spousal visas for the men, most of whom made a living in Thailand as illegal moneylenders or salesmen for pay-by-installment goods such as clothing and electrical appliances, police explained.

The 30 women allegedly colluded in the wrongdoing by being hired, reportedly for Bt500-Bt5,000 each, to register fake marriages and submit false documents to the authorities, police said.

Immigration Police Bureau 1 revoked the men’s visas and secured 60 arrest warrants for the male and female suspects. They subsequently arrested 10 of the wanted Indians and 24 of their Thai accomplices and are continuing to look for the 26 fugitives.

Police investigators have already presented evidence to revoke the suspects’ faulty marriage licenses with the respective district offices.



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