Why Farangs like Thai Girls?


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Article: Why Farang men like Thai girls?

Source: Pantip.com
OP:“I’ve heard some male Farangs said that… ‘Thai girls are unlike the other girls’. Apart from Thai beauty, what makes Farangs love Thai girls? I don’t need some kind of ‘THAT’ or inappropriate things. Something like the differences of taking care or habits between Thais and others that makes Farang loves Thai women is appreciable.”

Comment 1
Not even Foreigner, Thai guys also like Thai women.

Comment 2
They are good at appeasing? Maybe.
My friend’s boss told me. 

Comment 3
Some said that Thai women have beautiful smiles, humble and considerate.
PS. I think I might be a freak hahaha.

Comment 4

Comment 5
Kind, Generous, Domestic Goddess.
Can do all housework and cooking. Having a wife is like having a maid.
Farang girls are confident and free. They won’t let someone take their advantages that sometimes it looks like they are being selfish. I’m talking about the conservative Thai women. Nowadays, women are edgy, good at spending money and self-centered. I’ve heard some Farangs have a trick to praise the women like ‘you are different from every girl I’ve met’, they will get the Thai women’s hearts easily. That makes me hardly trust someone.

Comment 6
The Japanese boys told me that Thai girls are very smiley, unpretentious, do not fold the skirt and not rely on men.(That’s how they compare the Japanese women. I’m laughing at ‘fold the skirt’)

Comment 7
Thai women tend to serve husbands nicer than Western women. They are respectful and being a follower wife as a typical Asian. The Thai girls’ honey color skin melt the foreigner’s hearts countlessly.

Comment 8
Domestic Goddess
If Farangs got Farang wife, they have to hire a maid.
If Farangs got Thai wife, they got both mother and maid.

Comment 9
No Farang flirt with me, there’s only Pink Mango. Hahaha (Bad joke)
First of all, It’s the face. After getting to know each other, Thai women were raised to be a follower wife, they will serve the husbands nicely.
Editor Note: Farang in Thai also means guava

Comment 10
I don’t know what’s good about Thai women but from Farangs who have Thai ex-wife, they will find another Thai wife.

Comment 11
It’s just a preference of a group of the foreigners. Mostly, western men like western women. Like Thai people, they like Thai people themselves. Some are opposed to that thought too including me. Everyone has their own good and bad. Dating Thai women is not always a good thing. Some foreigners who used to date Thai women are not happy. It depends on what aspect that you want to pick up and consider. At the end of the day, it need to be considered individually. Some Thai girls are full of themselves. It’s not just me who think that Thai girls are full of themselves. You should try to write this kind of topic in other places. You will see. We can see that there’s a lot of good couples out there and there’s also the other side.

Comment 12

  • Attention Seeker
  • Caring
  • Sulky
  • Think too much
  • Appeasing

I cannot explain more, just the examples. These are enough to make you fall in love and being obsessed with a Thai girl.

Comment 13
I like real Thai women.
They are the cutest. ^_^

Comment 14
What are the real traits of Thai women? Mr. 13th poster.

Comment 15
I think Thai women are very good at caring. I also like Thai women.

Comment 16
#14 your username is cute

Comment 17
I agree with #11. As I work with Farang, it’s mostly just some of the foreigners. Importantly, the type that Farang girl reject is not handsome or too innocent.
This type of Farang is the one that the Farang girls won’t be interested…like Thai men if you’re not good or handsome, Farang girls won’t be interested in you. For most Thai women, just be Farang.

Are you a Farang dating a Thai girl? What makes a Thai girl so special from the average Westerner girl? We would love to hear your thoughts. Leave your comments below.


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