Dating a Married Man


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Article: Is it a sin to date a married man even if he left his wife and kids?


OP: “Who has been dating someone who has a wife already?He left his wife and kids to come to me. It depends on the choice he made. Is it a sin?” 

Comment 1
It’s in his vein. If he can leave his family, he can leave you as well.

Reply 1-1
OP: That’s scary.

Comment 2
It’s a pure sin! He may choose you but he leaves his family and children because of you. I know that you love him. Do you think that being happy from someone’s agony is not a sin? I have a first handexperience of being ditched. At first, the only thing I did is crying but I get used to it eventually. I cannot let someone hurt me because of the word ‘LOVE’. If you don’t get that deep, it’ll be better to let him go with his family.

Reply 2-1
OP: Probably…Even though he’s not dating me, he will date someone else. It’s his nature.

Reply 2-2
Yes, It’s his nature.
You can choose to do a wrong thing or not.
If the women don’t want to mess with him, he probably has to find some else.
Imagine that if every woman doesn’t want to mess with him. What’s gonna happen?
He’ll be back to his wife.

Comment 3
Men won’t stop. They are all greedy. If he can leave his family, he can also leave you. There’s no logic applied for greedy men. You have to think that you’re worthy enough to find someone better. Ignore this type of men. Trust me. You won’t find real happiness. It might be happy at first but your tears won’t hold him back.

Reply 3-1
OP: Thank you so much.

Comment 4
I’m not afraid of sin but I’m thinking about the future.
If he can leave his wife, you probably see through him.
If he can leave his children, don’t bother with him.

Reply 4-1
OP: I think so.

Comment 5
Let me tell you a story. There’s a guy who divorced with his first wife whom they have 2 kids together. He left them for a new wife that they now have 1 kid together. He’s about to divorce his second wife because the women can no longer please his sexual needs. I can guarantee that because he used to flirt with me. I basically know his nature.

Comment 6
If you realized that he has a wife and you’re still doing it, it’s a complete sin. He left his family to be with you. What will happen to the wife and kids that he left? Orphan? Keep in your mind that if he finds someone better, he will also leave you. 

Comment 7
Why does he have to choose? Can’t you choose it yourself between rights and wrongs? This kind of men is unacceptable.

Comment 8
Even if he broke up with his wife, you still shouldn’t do it.

Comment 9
If I were you, I wouldn’t mess with him in the first place. Once you have your own family and he ditches you. You’ll understand.

Based on all the comments, it’s clear to see that the OP is being judged and she has been advised not to get involved with this married man as this is bad karma. Have you been caught up in this tricky and unfortunate situation before? Have you cheated on your partner or been cheated, and you want to break up with your partner or divorce your partner? We would like to hear your thoughts.

Editor: Personally, I feel that is no right or wrong in love. Yes, that married man is wrong to leave his wife and children, and the OP is wrong to date a married man, knowing he is married with children. Even my sister used to date a man who broke up with her for a married woman with children and they live happily ever after. As the cliché says, love is blind and complicated.


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