Expats in Thailand are unhappy with life and think that Thailand will become worse in 5 years’ time


According to a poll in Thailand’s biggest expat community, an increasing number of expats have become disillusioned and unhappy with their life in the kingdom. Based on the poll, only 24% of expats think that their lives would improve by 2024. More than ¾ of those who surveyed think that an expatriate’s life would be worse by 2024.

Some of the main concerns voiced out by the expats are the strict visa requirements and the recent strength of the Thai Baht.

“Changes in the value of currency will make it worse, of course. Thailand is no longer value for money”.

Other chimed in with comments that despite official optimism, word on the ground was that the Thai economy is going down and they cited rising prices in the shops and lack of affordability as evidence.

Some pointed to the confusion over the issuing of new visa requirements followed by an announcement of leniency. They felt that the confusion would drive expats away and seek better options elsewhere to places where foreigners might know exactly where they stand.

One was even more pessimistic: “Five years time? There won’t be any expats at this rate!”

Results of the poll:
76% worse in five years’ time
24% better
341 respondents

Are you an expat or a retiree working and living in Thailand? Do you think that Thailand would be better or worse in 5 years’ time?


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