Foreigners arrested for fake passports and visa overstay


In lieu of clamping down hard on visa overstay offenders, Thai police officers have arrested five foreigners during multiple raids in Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Surat Thani between 26 December 2018 to 8 January 2019. The five foreigners named Olawale Raimi, 33, of Nigeria; Jonas Silva, 39, of Guinea-Bissau;  RichesOgboonaOnu, 44, of Nigeria; Tshepo Zuma, 37, of South Africa; Ouattara Ben Ibrahim, 21, of Ivory Coast were arrested by police officers from the police centre in their ongoing fight to clamp down international criminals and illegal immigrations.

The five Africans were taken to a media briefing on Wednesday and according to Pol Lt Gen SurachateHakparn, Commissioner of the Immigration Bureau, he said they have committed two forms of visa offences. Some were found have more than one passport, with different names and nationalities and some had overstayed their visas.

Upon investigation, the police also discovered that they had not entered the Kingdom or left as indicated by their visa stamps found in their passports. Their visas had been revoked and investigating is still ongoing to determine the origin of their visa stamps.

If found convicted, they will be fined 500 baht per day of overstay up to a maximum of 20,000 baht for overstays of more than 40 days. If they can’t pay their fines, they will be jailed and deported. The foreigners will also be banned from entering Thailand for 5 years if they overstayed for less than 1 year and banned from entering Thailand for 10 years if they overstayed for more than 1 year.


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