How much does it cost to kill someone in Thailand? Just 5,000 baht!


Have you ever wondered how much does it cost to kill someone in Thailand? Just 5,000 baht ($157 USD)! Yes, you read that right, just 5,000 baht. It seems that life is cheap in Thailand as a gang of six young men aged 16 to 23 were paid just 5,000 baht to murder a 17 year old boy at a school football pitch in KhonKhaen.

The 17 year old victim named Kurusat whose nickname “Red Ban Tum” was involved in a drugs dispute and as a result of not paying for the drugs, his seller has ordered the group of suspects to kill him and film him and publish it on Facebook as “proof”.

The suspects – MrAttapol (Artlai), 22 years old, Mr Anu (Namthong), 16 years old, MrMontri, 23 years old, MrCharupong, 19 years old, MrChatri, 23 years old and Mr Alito, 22 years old have been charged with premeditated murder. Two guns, two Sparta knives and a broken baseball bat were found at the home of a 37 year old man who was not involved in the murder and these items are now under the possession of the KhonKhaen police as evidence.

A clip has shown feet and hand held weapons being used in the gang attack earlier this week at a well known but unnamed school at night.

Meanwhile two of the suspects named only as “Bas” and “Ball” have said they were invited by elder friends to take part and felt pressured by Thai cultural mores (graeng jai) to go along.

They said that they only did one kick each and it was their understanding that the victim was just going to be given a “warning” but not murdered.

They apologized to the victim saying it was a mistake to kill him.
They believed that when they left the scene the victim was still looking up and alive.



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