Sexual harassment at work


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Article: What should you do if you get sexually harassed at work?


“OP: If you get sexually harassed by words from the co-workers, what would you do?

There’s a group of men at my work that usually talk about female colleagues in a bad way. It’s not about me but as I listen, it makes me mad. I want to know if someone records their conversation and send it to HR, will they be punished?”

Comment 1
This is Thailand. Even rapist won’t easily be jailed.

Comment 2
If you record a report, the situation will probably be pressed. It might not be that efficient anyway since this is Thailand.

Reply 2-1
What is ‘Pressed’?

Reply 2-2
He probably means that the issued will be lighter.

Reply 2-3
He’s trying to type lighter.

Reply 2-4

Reply 2-5
I’m sorry. I mean ‘lighter’.

Editor note: The poster misspell the word เพลา(Lighter,Weakened) to the word เพลส (Transliterated word for ‘Press’)

Comment 3
Normally, they will be investigated first. If they are guilty, they will be punished. It depends on how serious your company take its stance on sexual harassment.

Comment 4
Be careful! If you report this to HR and those men know that you are the one who reports it, those people might plan to rape you. This world is really cruel.

Comment 5
Why does every comment look so sad?

Comment 6
It depends on how much your company’s policy concern about sexual violence. You better record their conversation and video and send to HR. If nothing’s happening, you might have to use social media to pressure it up.

Comment 7
If you’re in the good company, HR will work on the situation real quick.

Comment 8
I remember that there’s the law about the words’ harassment.
If I remember correctly, it is about the defamation law.
Anyway, you can record the conversation and send it to HR.

Comment 9
Record the conversation and send it to the people being mentioned. Let them decide what to do. If there are many people, they will work it out together.

Comment 10
Find a big man to drive you to your work.

Comment 11
So the men who were talking sexual about the women and you heard it by chance? I can imagine that because some of the women on social media are also being like this. If it’s just that, you probably warn them first. Or just threatening (lying) that someone heard them and already reported the boss. That’s enough for the first step. If it’s no good, you might have to advance it.

Comment 12
Actually, this is very inappropriate and terrible that this kind of problem happen in the workplace.
From what I’ve seen, if they are close, they actually do something even crazier. They think it’s funny. If that person really doesn’t care about it, that’s no point to be bothered with it anyway. If you just intervene them, they might tell you not to peek your nose on their business. You might end up being a bad person.
If it’s harassment and that person is offended, protecting your colleagues is a good idea.

Comment 13
It depends on the company. I used to work in an international company. Many international branches have a very serious policy&standard about that. You can report it and the punishments are very brutal.

Comment 14
If it’s my company, this is a very big deal.
They will be investigated and get a warning letter.
Some companies are very serious about compliance.
You might be familiar with your company. You should consider it. 

Comment 15
If it’s Farang’s company, this is considered to be a serious situation.

Comment 16
I don’t think it’s sexual harassment. It is like gossiping. If it’s sexual harassment, they have to say it in person like ‘Your tits are on point today’. That’s sexual harassment. 

Comment 17
As I read this, it reminds of the show named ‘Pen tor’
The worst part is that we get used to this kind of stuff.

Comment 18
Why does someone mention about raping like it’s a normal thing?
Because she’s doing just that, she might get raped?

Comment 19
In Farang’s company, even if you’re MD, you’ll be fired.

Comment 20
This is Thailand. Looking for justice is like finding the needle in the ocean. You have to be patient.

Comment 21
Stay away from them. They are just scum beasts. 

Comment 22 *
My female subordinate always exclaims about the genitals. Some are ripped. Some are broken. Can I report that?

Comment 23
My friend works in an international company. She was sexually teased by the male coworker, so she told her friends that were also teased by that man. They report the matter to HR. That guy ended up having a serious warning from the boss. If the company does care about their employees, they won’t ignore it.

Comment 24
Many people seem like they didn’t read the topic.
They didn’t harass in a person. It’s gossiping. It’s just defamation.

Reply 24-1
You have to consider the context and levels of the violence. It might be considered asharassment.

Reply 24-2 *
Really? If I tell my friend that I slept with this girl and she got smelly pussy, is it considered to be harassment? Even women gossip about that person steal the man from this person or even or someone is a mistress. That’s even more terrible.

Reply 24-3
I think it is. Anyway, people talk shits normally.

Comment 25
You are not the victim. If the victim herself doesn’t report it, HR won’t listen to you.

Comment 26
I think you should record it first, then decide what to do later.

Comment 27
Report your boss first. If nothing happens, your company doesn’t value this kind of stuff.

Comment 28
They might get moved or fired but they might revenge for what you did.

Comment 29
There’s a group of men at my work that usually talk about female colleagues in a bad way. It’s not about me but as I listen, it makes me mad. I want to know if someone records their conversation and send it to HR, will they be punished?

So they talked behind the woman’s back? You have to look into the context that makes you mad. If it’s something like ‘This person is working very slowly’ or ‘Always late’, I think it’s ordinary. They can talk. You don’t have to reach out to HR.

If it’s sexual harassment (not in a person) like ‘This girl got white tits’, you should just warn them not to speak it out loud.

Comment 30
The poster seems not to understand the differences between sexual harassment and gossiping.

Comment 31
**Sexual harassment behavior and practices when harassed**

Comment 32
Can you DM me? I want to know what kind of harassment. Actually, you can tell your HR.
Have you been sexually harassed at work or anywhere else before? What would you do to deal with this matter?
Editor: Sexual harassment is a very serious issue and if you feel you have been sexually harassed at work, public transport or anywhere else, please seek help. If you have been sexually harassed at work, please report to your HR immediately. Every company should have a strict policy on this matter, if they don’t, you should resign and sue the company for damages.


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