Speed limit may be increased on motorways and expressways


A police panel who is in charge of improving traffic law has come forward with a proposal to increase speed limits on motorways and expressways.

Pol Maj Gen EkkaratLimsangkart, deputy commander of the Police Education Bureau who heads the police in charge of improving traffic law, said that the speed limit of 90 kilometres per hour on expressways and motorways was set for 4 decades and this needs to be increased.

Currently, the speed limit on motorways is 90km per hour and 80km per hour on expressways. Ekkarat stated that after a meeting with the police panel, they decided that the speed limit should be increased to about 100km per hour to 110 km per hour.

Ekkarat said that his board would reconvene a second meeting to finalize the proposal and then submit it to the Police Commissioner, who would then submit it to the Cabinet for approval. Ekkarat explained that the currentspeed limits on expressways and motorways has been enforced on the law since 1970 and it’s time for change. The legislation states that the speed limitation in Bangkok and municipality regions is 80km per hour, and outside Bangkok and municipality region is 90 km per hour. Since motorways are outside Bangkok and municipality regions, the speed limit is restricted at 90 km per hour and the speed limit is set at 80 km per hour because expressways are in Bangkok, Ekkarat clarified.


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