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There is a common myth or belief among men around the world that all Thai girls are hookers. Well that’s definitely not the case. It’s actually quite a sensitive topic to talk about as we can’t generalize all the girls as same.

Tourism is a big sector of Thailand, which is probably running not because of  just Bar Girls but beaches and mountains and other reasons. The beauty of Thailand is magical that attracts many people to travel this diverse culture but what is it that people love about Thailand that they tend to stay here, get married to a Thai girl and live a squared life in Thailand even though there are not many opportunities to grow here, not much money.

  • Is it because of Thai girls?


  • Is it because of Tax evasion?


  • Is it because of Thailand’s diverse culture?


  • Or it could be all

There could be many reasons however, the one that stands out for me is probably because of Thai girls. When you see a 60 year old guy walking with a 20 year old girl you will think the same. But, to be honest no one knows the answer. Maybe they really do love each other or maybe they possibly have some sort of a win-win arrangement.

My friends were devastated when I told them I am going to Thailand because of Thailand’s image in the world. Thailand for froe

The tourism is a lot because of Thai girls. But I don’t think people come here only for nightlife. They come here for being with Thai girls, for having a Thai Girlfriend. Maybe they’re tired, frustrated with ugly, fat girls and now they’re looking for a change and I can feel for them. They’ve made the right decision to come to Thailand. Thai nightlife is exceptional and bar girls too however, a lot of tourist not only come here to meet bar girls or to explore Thai culture but a lot more than that. But what is it that they come here for??
Nowadays, a lot of people hook up with Thai girls online on websites like Thaifriendly before they come to Bangkok and during their visit they spend time with them and if they like them or want to continue their relationship they stick to just one girl. It totally depends on the person.
But what’s it that people come to Thailand two or three times a year or more than that. Is it girls or just the laid back culture?
It’s definitely not the food(Food is definitely not the top priority). So what is it. I dug in deep to find the right information for you guys. I think it’s definitely girls for the majority of people. You can save money while earning around $2000 in Bangkok and your girl’s life would be secure as well.


Thai girls don’t like Thai men as they are butterflies or womanizer in western terms. On the other hand, westerners are just happy with one girl and live a peaceful life. So that’s an advantage for us. However, it’s not easy to find these Thai girls. As there are so many pretty girls here you should know where and how to date them.

The answer is dating websites. Thailand has ample number of dating websites however, my favorite is Thaifriendly as it has so many girls who are willing to meet. I would personally recommend buying a $25 package to try it for a month and you can send any number of messages to the girls. 90% of girls reply back to you and out of them you can choose.

But please make sure to talk to Thai girls politely and a message like ” Hi I am Tom. Do you mind being friends”? is really good. Thai Girls are lazy and shy so it’s better to write simple messages that they can understand. Don’t send them messages that you want to share your skype or phone number straight away. Give a lady some time and respect and she will definitely fall for you.

Now it’s your turn to try this website.



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