Are there any Farang who are as short as Thai people?


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Article: Are there any Farang who are as short as Thai people?


“OP: I have 2 friends who married Farangs. One is Norwegian. One is German. Every time I attend their weddings or parties, their relatives or friends mostly are 180+ cm. At least 3 people are more than 190 cm. I am only 162 cm. My neck hurts every time I gotta talk to them. I wonder if there are any Farangs who are as short as Thai males?”

Comment 1
The Mediterranean people.
Most of the northern European are very tall.

Comment 2
He is the shortest footballerbut his skill is the best. He is from Italy.

Comment 3
The northern European is pretty big. From the record, all of the European is taller than Thai people.

Comment 4
I’m not sure about the other nation but in this video, French people don’t look that tall comparing from the camera level. Anyone here has proof?

Reply 4-1
French and Italian men, on average, are taller than Thai men but they are not that tall. My height is 175 cm. I don’t look very short when I’ve been there. Except for some people who are very tall such as those with African or Scandinavian ethnicity.

Reply 4-2
There are not many tall people here. So many real French people are around 170-175 cm. There are many tall people as well. I saw them in the metro. I live in France.

Reply 4-3
I have a French friend. He is not much taller than me. I’m only 154 cm.

Comment 5
The not-very-tall people are in every nation. I have many Swedish friends who are not-so-tall but the ratio of tall people is higher.

Comment 6
The Mediterranean people are not very tall just like Thai people but their body structures are thick.

Comment 7
I am 174 cm tall. It’s in the average range of the American. There are many people that are taller and shorter than me as well.

Comment 8
The Spanish are not tall.
The Italian and French are shorter than the northern European.

Comment 9
In Russia, they can be found everywhere. I’ve been in both the new and old capital. The 160 cm men are everywhere. Less than 160 cm and higher than 170 cm can be found. Some are around 180-190 cm. Judging by my sight, their average height is almost the same as Thai people (If we average both old and young people, it will be 167.5 cm). So I did some research, They have a big country, many people are mixed and there are many not-so-tall people. The national average is around 175 cm.

Ex-prime minister, Dmitry Medvedev is only around 160.
Vladimir Putin is around 170 (Not very tall comparing to other European)

Reply 10-1
Do they have Mongolian ethnicity?

Reply 10-2
There are also Golden hair Caucasians. In the metro or on the street, You can normally find Thai-size people, as well as shorter people.
In other words, If Thai people want Farang BF/GF, Russian has many sizes including Thai-size people.

Reply 10-3
Agreed! Russian men are not that tall.

Reply 10-4
The Russian athletes are very tall, especially men, they are like 190+ cm. Or they’ve been selected?

Reply 10-5
It’s because they are athletes. From what I see, they are not tall. I’m living in America. I can tell which nation this Farang is from. The Russian has different facial features from the American.

Reply 10-6
But when there’s a news about the Russian gang in Pattaya, they are all taller than Thai policemen. Or Thai policemen are short? Hahaha

Reply 10-6
What nonsense are you all talking about?! Russian men are the biggest in the world. Every Russian man I see are so tall and big like a giant. I think the place you went to is not Russia but Mongolia.


Comment 11
I looked on the internet. The Norwegian and German height is in the world-class. Scandinavian is very tall.

Reply 11-1
By the average, it might be that there are many tall people. When they do the record, the information will be shared with short people. One of my Netherlands friends is 203 cm. My ex-boss is 209 cm. My friend’s boyfriend is 190 cm. My other boss is 183 cm. There are shorter people as well.

Reply 11-2
The people in the central region are mixed. The standard deviation is pretty big.

Comment 12
My Italian friend is 160 cm

Comment 13
English and Portuguese are short.

Comment 14
That might be the Italian. In my neighborhood, there is one Italian from Milan, his wife is Thai. He’s very short. They have 1 son. Another one might be the Mexican.

Comment 15
From what I see, the Italian and Portuguese are not so tall. My Portuguese boyfriend is 180 cm. His brother is 190+ cm. The German is pretty tall.

Comment 16
The Portuguese, Spanish and Italian are not very tall. Men are around 170-175 cm. Generally, they are still taller than Thai people. About the muscles and bones, they are much bigger.

Comment 17
I used to work in the American company in New Jersey. The staffs are from many countries. My Mexican boss is only 160 cm. The English are more than 165 cm. My friend from Puerto Rico is almost 170 cm. The Italian friend is also more than 165 cm.

Comment 18
My American-French is perfectly 160 cm. A bit shorter than me.

Comment 19
The Italian and Frech are as same as Thai people.

Comment 20
The Italian, Spanish, Mexican and around that area are not very tall. In Spain, they are almost about your height.

Comment 21
Australian. As tall as Thai people.

Editor: Most women if not all prefer to date tall guys but our very own Thai women are actually complaining that Farangs are too tall for them, so they are asking if there are any Farangs who are as tall or around the same height as Thai men. Deducing from their comments, majority of the answer seems to be the Mediterranean countries like the Portuguese and Spanish. However, there is no one fixed answer in this as there are tall people and short people in every countries, never mind Europe. What’s your thoughts on this?

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