Great Restaurants Close To MRT Stations


There are some great restaurants very near to MRT stations. The great thing about these restaurants is that they are within walking distance, where you won’t have to flag a taxi down or drive through Bangkok city centre traffic to get there. Here are some of the best restaurants:

Tep Bar

The Tep Bar is a bar and restaurant that is tucked away down an alley and hard to come across unless you really look for this place. The interior has a classic Thai style theme, where live bands playing traditional Thai instruments entertain your ears, whilst the wide range of delicious authentic Thai food entertain your tastebuds.

Location: (MRT Hua Lamphong) 69-71, Yi Sip Song, karakhadakhom 4 Alley

Tep Bar

The Third Pig Bar & Restaurant

If you are looking for somewhere a bit different, novel and quirky, the Third Pig Bar and Restaurant will be just the ticket. The whole place is themed upon the third pig who escaped the wolf in the well known fairytale story. The interior is modelled on the pig’s house of bricks and you can even order a ‘pigtail’ which is a fairytale cocktail.

Location: (MRT Pahoniyothin) Pahoniyothin Soi 20

The Third Pig


In the Baan restaurant the chef takes pride in mixing different Thai dishes together, such as Khai Palo (eggs in a spicy sauce) and Tom Zap (pork bone stew) for example. As well as there being a number of interesting fusion foods, this restaurant only uses premium ingredients, which is even explained on the menu. Therefore, these dishes come at a premium price.

Location: (MRT Pahoniyothin) Pahoniyothin Soi 20


Jae Jia’s Yentafo

Fancy somewhere where you can eat straight up good old Thai street food? At Jae Jia’s Yentafo you can order crispy, freshly fried wontons for just 40 baht, or you can order Yen Ta Fo, with fish balls and noodles for 50 baht. You can also ask for your noodles to be in a variety of flavours, such as Tom Yum flavour for example. So, if you want good Thai food without high prices served in a down-to-earth style, then this roadside stall restaurant will be just up your street.

Location: (MRT Sam Yan) Soi Chom Sombun, Rama IV Road


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