How to lose weight cheap?


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Article: How to lose weight cheaply?

OP: Fitness membership is expensive. I don’t have money to eat clean foods as they are expensive. It’s also difficult to cook on my own because I don’t have time and a kitchen. I would like to ask about a cheap and easy to eat food or the cheapest way to lose weight. It would be great if there’s any advice for working out. Thank you

Comment 1
Boiled Egg

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I eat it quite often.

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Chicken egg has an egg white that contains a high amount of protein, but the yolk has high cholesterol. If you eat it quite often, I suggest you eat the yolk, just only the first egg and egg white for the next one. 

Comment 2
One more vote for a boiled egg. If you eat with chili paste, chose vegetable chili paste.  Eat Salad with less salad dressing. Steamed fish. Go jogging in the park.

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I don’t eat spicy food. It’s so frustrating that street food doesn’t serve boiled eggs. They only serve omelet or fried eggs.

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The boiled egg from 7-11. I suggest avoiding street food since the foods are oily and have too much sodium.

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If I don’t eat street food, I don’t know anywhere to go. I can’t afford the 70-80 baht clean food at restaurants.

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If you don’t cook, it’s very hard to control your expense. Try steamed or boiled food from the delicatessen. Avoid any kind of fried food. Focus on eating meats and less soup, it helps you to reduce sodium and oil.

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Can you recommend some of the boiled food? The only thing that comes to my mind is sukiyaki.

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Clear soup. Hot and sour chicken clear soup.

Comment 3
Avoid fried food, oily food, sweet and coconut milk. Eat brown rice, vegetable, fish, chicken, and boiled egg. Reduce sodium because it will fatten your body.

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                I will try. It’s very hard for me to find non-oily food.

Comment 4*
There are only 2 effective and cheap ways to lose your weight. Control the diet and Working out. The supplements that were advertised are not effective. SCAM…I will try to explain easily.

Why are we fat?

    1. Did we eat correctly according to nutrition principles? Complete five food groups?

No! What we can see is obesity, unbalanced body, liquified abdomen, big hip, giant thigh, and scalene arm. It reflects that we have eaten against nutrition principles which means that we mostly eat too much starch and sugar. The portion that cannot be metabolized will be stored in the form of fat all over the body. Think about the yellow fat of the pig in the butcher shop…just like that.

    1. Did you work out?

Laziness won’t give you any benefit. Procrastination never benefits anyone. Lack of exercise will cause obesity and unhealthy body. The previous fat is still not burned out but the new fat is about to be stored (From our foods). It’s no surprise that we become fatter to the point that we don’t care about our obesity since by that time it’s hard to lose weight. It requires more effort and patient to lose weight. We might give up halfway.

How to lose weight?
1.Method: reduce new fat
How: Control your diet.

-Eat according to nutrition principles. Reduce the potion that has been originally eaten especially fat, starch and sugar. Choose boiled-steamed food, clear soup, vegetable-fruit (No durian, mango, and high sugar fruit). No-sugar-added drink. Avoid oily food. If you eat at the restaurant ex. Noodle, tell them not to add garlic oil. The recommended dish is Kaeng Liang.

– Do not eat too much in 1 meal because the potion that is not burned out will be stored as the fat.

– In one day, divide the meals to 4-6 meals per day. Small portion per meal. It helps the body to burn all food out and no leftover portion.


2.Method: reduce old fat

 How: Exercise
– Cardio…at least 30 minutes at a time. 5-6 times a week. Ex. jogging, running and swimming. Moreover, this will reduce the amount of LDL and increase the amount of HDL in your blood circulation.

– Weight training…build the muscle. You don’t have to worry about having too big legs and arms or flat boobs. It’s not that easy. The increased body muscle is like more option to help the metabolism for burning the fat. Additionally, it helps you look firm asymmetrically. It also requires a lot of time, discipline and a big amount of patience to achieve.

**** Do not buy any supplement. Ignore everyone that encourage you to buy those.

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Thank you but it’s too late. I just ordered the cocoa powder from the internet. They said that it has less sugar than the one sold in the cafe. Sorry, I’m kinda addicted to sweet drinks.

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If you’re addicted to sweet drinks, but don’t even consider exempting the sweetness. Please do not think about losing weight….it was a failure from the start.

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I’ll try to drink less. 

Comment 5

Cooking clean foods is not that expensive. If you buy the food directly, it will be expensive and repetitive. Try to buy the chicken breast from the mall. It’s quite cheap. The vegetables from the market and also the boiled eggs.

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                I don’t have a kitchen, but I’ll try to find an easy-to-eat food.

Comment 6
Boiled eggs and vegetables.

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                Thank you.

Comment 7
Control your diet. Exercise.
Don’t have to buy the clean foods just control the type of food you consume.
Don’t have to go to gym. You can work out in your room. Do push-ups, sit-ups and planks. I do this 50 times everyday and after 3 months, I turn my belly fat into abs!

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                I’ll try. Thank you.

Comment 8

Orinji mushroom from Macro. 80 Baht/Kg. Can be kept for other dishes.

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I don’t have any kitchen

Comments 9
Do you go to work by your personal car or public transportation?
-It’s might be difficult if you go by your personal car. Walking at the mall. Just walk! Do not buy anything.
-if you use public transportation, walk back to your house. I always walk back for 3-4 bus stops. It helps me a lot.

Working out at your house or room. Lifting the pack of bottles of water 600 ml. If you’re bored, running and doing housework help.

Sweeping and cleaning. Do your laundry by hands. Do not turn on the air conditioner, open the windows instead. Meal…Breakfast = More, Lunch = Less, Dinner = Lesser. No starch for dinner. If you’re still hungry, drink soy milk.

It might be hard at first but you will get used to it.

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Thank you I’ll try.

Comment 10
Losing weight is actually saving.

-Oat mill can, low-fat milk. Required no kitchen.
-Running in the park.
-Yoga and weight training at your house. Use the bottles of water instead of dumbbells.
-Walking instead of riding the car. I used to walk from Asoke to Ekkamai.

This is just for having a lean body.

Editor: Based on all the comments, I think we can all agree that it is very much possible to lose weight and achieve a lean and healthy body by just doing the following:

  • Work out at home – Doing 50 push-ups, sit-ups and planks everyday in your room helps. Guaranteed results after 3 months.
  • Cut down on your intake on sweet and salty food, especially soft drinks, junk food and try to ask for less preservatives, sugar and salt when you order street food. Sodium and sugar cause weight gain and make you age as well.
  • Instead of taking public transport, walk home or cycle. You also save money, double points!

We’ve star Comment 4 as we feel that is the best comment and that poster has given the best advice on how to lose weight economically and explaining the paradox of why people gain weight and it’s so hard for them to lose weight afterwards.


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