Is it illegal to ride a bicycle drunk in Thailand?


Drinking in Thailand is almost a sure thing while travelling and living here. Some of you might be wondering if it is legal to ride a bicycle while being drunk in Thailand? Well, the answer is yes as of now but unfortunately, in the near future, you can’t do this anymore as Thailand’s lawmakers will soon enforce a law to fine drunk cyclists 500 baht, under a new traffic bill which passed the first reading of the National Legislative Assembly this week.

Police Major-General AekkarakLimsangkart, Deputy Commissioner of Police Education Bureau and a member of the Royal Thai Police’s committee to solve traffic problems said that this new bill would enable the police to deal with drunk cyclists. However, he said that cyclists who are drunk while riding a bicycle is still regarded as a petty offence and the penalty would just be 500 baht in fine.

The same new traffic bill also allow traffic police to seize the driving license of drivers who are deemed to be drunk behind wheels and judged incapable of driving under the influence of alcohol.

A score system will soon be introduced under this new legislation which drivers who broke the law will have their scores cut for every traffic violation. If their scores are down to zero, the drivers will have their driving licenses suspended for 90 days, and if they want to reinstate their driving licenses, they will be required to undergo a reformative training on safe driving and traffic disciplines.


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