Now you can claim your VAT refund in downtown Bangkok


Good news for all tourists coming to the Kingdom. Now you don’t have to go to the airport early just to claim your vat refund as the Thai Revenue Department has opened three more VAT Refund offices in key shopping and tourist areas of Bangkok to enhance shopping experience for tourists.

The temporary offices will be opened until 31 March 2019 and they are facilitated to support the Amazing Thailand Grand Sale “Passport Privileges” shopping campaign now underway nationwide and the temporary visa-fee waiver for citizens of 20 countries.

The new offices are located at:

  1. 7-11, Lido Branch (Siam Square)
  2. 7-11, Phadung Dao Branch (Yaowarat)
  3. 7-11, Bangkok Night Plaza Branch (Ratchadaphisek)



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