Why all Thai soap operas have the same story?


For some reason many people from all around the world love soap operas. They love to sit in front of their TV and take some time for relaxation watching some soap opera which will take them out of the real world and forget all the issues that exist in real world.

But the truth is that in fact, soap operas are inspired exactly by the reality. Even though many of us tend to say “Oh it’s just a soap opera”, they really do talk about real things that happen in real life.

Thai soap operas are also very popular not only here in Thailand, but also all around the world.
People love watching what kind of life Thai people have even though it’s a soap opera.

However, many people- lovers of soap operas, often say that all Thai operas in fact have the same story.
Usually that story is around some girl falling in love with some guy who doesn’t want commitment and dates a lot of girls.

I guess, we all here know that, but haven’t you asked yourself why is that so? Why almost every Thai soap opera has the same plot?

According to me, it is because as I already mentioned above, soap operas are inspired by real life.
And actually that’s the reality in Thailand in most of the cases- girl like a guy who is a playboy and she ends up being hurt. The reason why women have such a difficulty to find the right guy here in Thailand is because female population here is less than male population, that means that the choice for women is just not that big as in some other countries.

Nevertheless, this soap operas such as: “Reya” and “Rang Ngao” are still extremely popular and even though they all seem to have a very similar plots people never get bored of them!

I believe that the main reason why these soap operas always manage to catch people’s attention is because people find something of themselves in those stories. They see themselves in some of the characters, like some familiarity in what’s happening to that character and when we see pieces in ourselves in someone, how couldn’t we not give them our full attention,right?

To me that sounds like a good explanation, but in case you want to analyze it by yourself, I guess you should just find some free time and sit in front of the TV and start watching some Thai soap opera, the connection you will get with the characters will definitely take your breathe away even if you are not such a huge lover of soap operas!


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