Thailand on the Bottom Place of the Miserable Countries in 2016


According to the predictions of Bloomberg Misery 2016, thanks to the low unemployment and inflation, Thailand will retain bottom place of the miserable economies in 2016.
This predictions are based on surveying economists and looking at economic data for inflation and unemployment.

Last year, according to World Bank data, the unemployment rate of Thailand was just 0.9 percent.
Thailand is also happy enough to leave behind some of the most wealthy countries such as: the United Kingdom, China, Switzerland and Japan, but also Taiwan, Denmark, Hong Kong and South Korea when it comes to world’s least miserable economy.

On the other side, Venezuela is the country who is on the top of the list when it comes to the world’s most miserable economy thanks to a staggering inflation at an annual average of 98.3 percent plus 6.8 percent unemployment .
The predictions of Bloomberg for Venezuela’s economy in 2016 is that it will soar to 7.7 percent.


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