Thailand to increase Bangkok bus fares


Bus fares in Bangkok will increase by 1 and 2 baht on 21January 2019, according to the Land Transport Department.

Transport authorities have given the approval on 14 December last year, but it was put on hold due to the impact from price fluctuations. Now it has been given the green light to go ahead with the fare hike.

Bangkok commuters will have to pay one to two baht in additional fares for ordinary and air-conditioned buses run by the BMTA (Bangkok Mass Transit Authority), as well as rot ruam buses which are privately operated on state concessions.

BMTA-owned red-coloured ordinary buses will charge passengers an 8-baht flat rate, up from 6.5 baht and their air-conditioned blue-coloured buses will charge between 12 to 20 baht, up from the current rate of 10 to 18 baht.

Orange and white buses will charge between 13 to 25 baht, up from 11 to 23 baht.

Fares for the new NGV buses will also be raised to 15 baht and 25 baht, up from 11 baht and 23 baht but under the condition that they must be equipped with GPS trackers, security cameras and e-ticket machines. For the first 4 km, fares will start at 15 baht and the fares will go up to 20 baht for the subsequent 16 km and up to 25 baht for trips exceeding 16 km.

The decision came after private bus operators demanded that fares be raised for the first time since February 2016 as state-operated buses haven’t seen fare hikes since September 2011.

As higher operating costs have forced approximately 18% of Bangkok busses to cease service, transport authorities will propose further ways to relieve the burden on both operators and passengers, including fuel subsidies and increased credits for welfare card holders.


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