What Exactly is a Ping Pong Show


Quite a number of guidebooks and travel bloggers listed the Ping Pong shows in Bangkok as a must see event for expats and other people at least once. Discussed here is why expats should see a Ping Pong show at least once, while in Bangkok.

The Ping Pong show is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Bangkok. It is a kind of crazy show that allows for silk ropes to ostensibly flow endlessly. It is a show that challenges the conceptions of physics and degrades the inviolability of sexual organs.

This show is a publicized show with myriad of men shouting ping pong continually and making popping noises with their mouths. They approach tourists and expats with their set-lists, in order to tell them about the show and sell seats to this popular show. As crazy as this show is, you will see women blowing ping pong balls and some other things out of their private part.

However, the performers at the show take pride in their skills as you will discover this in their movement and through their confident look at the end of each applause. The most ironic objects used during this show is the Ping Pong balls, but chopsticks, razor blades, firecrackers, bottles, spinning tops, darts, candles, cigarettes, pens, whistles and long strings are also used.

One of the major activities of a Ping Pong show is a male member of the audience being brought to the dance platform to hold a balloon while a flit is shot at it, or for a girl to shoot at the balloons tied to each customer’s chair. Another wonderful and interesting activity at the show that expats will enjoy is the shooting of goldfish into a bowl or stuffing a rather large frog to know how long she can keep it.

You will certainly know about Ping Pong shows in Bangkok, even if you are not well aware of it before your arrival in Bangkok because it is a popular show. Expats should see a Ping Pong show at least once because the show is a staple of nightlife opportunities in Bangkok, whether they are roving down Khao San Road and being approached by odd men making strange suction pop noises.

Are you an expat with passion for adventure? Then you need to watch ping pong show in Bangkok because it is an excited show that is worth witnessing by someone like you. It is a show where your excitement will quickly transcend into apprehension with flickering neon lights directly out of a horror film. You will be entertained to your delight but NO CAMERA IS ALLOWED at the Ping Pong show.

This show in Bangkok is always a fantastic experience for all the attendees! In a typical show of this magnitude for instance, there is a dark small room with a mirrored stage at the center of it, having bluefish lighting as well as a rotation of performers that exhibit their pretty inspiring, but rather mind bogging talents that will make you enjoy the show.

Ping Pong show in a nutshell is full of entertainment right from the beginning to the end. It combined culture with talents of the performers and it is an avenue to relax your nerves. There is no dull moment at the show in Bangkok and this is also why expats, particularly those who are new in Bangkok should see a Ping Pong show at least once.
Preparing for a Ping Pong Show

Are you an expat that want to see a Ping Pong show for the first time and thinking of how to get yourself prepared for this wonderful event? Here are tips for you:

1. Large libations looking like Chang beers are available at the show. All you need to do is to pop into the 7/11 and buy two 650ml for your relaxation at the show.
2. Leave all your valuables in your hotel room including your purse. All you need to take to the show is the money that will be enough for you to entertain yourself and probably your friends.
3. It is now time to gather people that will go to the show with you for maximum fun and enjoyment. Walk round the hostels and beseech fellow expats to go to the Ping Pong show with you. This is necessary because it is safer, cheaper and you will catch more fun.
4. It is also recommended that you have travel insurance in case of any unexpected at the Ping Pong show.
How to Get to the Ping Pong Show
You need to locate the organizer of the Ping Pong tour who will follow you to the main road and straight to a back alley. However, stop by the burger bar and take the Scorpion burger to gain stamina to withstand the show. The Scorpions according to the Thais will give you mental and physical strength, despite the fact that you can select from full grown fried beetles, cockroaches and tarantulas.
The Bottom Line
A trip to the Ping pong show is always exciting, particularly for expats who want to experience something new when you are in Bangkok. This show is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Bangkok that worth witnessing by expats at least once. Have you attended the ping pong show in Bangkok? What are your experiences like?


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